Careers without Borders: The Young Professionals Network’s Leadership Luncheon with John Chalykoff, Ph.D., Sacred Heart University

February 21, 2014; Stamford, CT – What makes a desirable employee? It’s a question echoing in the minds of many young professionals as they set out on the mission of building profitable and personally fulfilling careers. Do they attend networking events? Do they volunteer? Do they go back to school?

One unique answer comes from John Chalykoff, Dean of Sacred Heart University’s John F. Welch College of Business. He says, “The most desirable employees know how to operate globally.”


Chalykoff met with The Business Council of Fairfield County’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) Thursday for the group’s montly Leadership Luncheon series, in which YPN members meet for networking and connect with regional leaders in multiple industries. During the session, Chalykoff, originally from Canada, shared his personal experience building a successful career in a globalizing world, and the insights he’s gleaned on functioning internationally from his decades of work in higher education. Dr. Chalykoff earned his bachelor’s degree at Boston College, his MBA at the University of Western Ontario and his doctorate at MIT. He’s served at universities in both Canada and the United States and, immediately prior to joining Sacred Heart, was an Associate Dean at Boston University, where he oversaw, among other operations, the School of Management’s International Management Program and the University’s Globalization Task Force. Now at Sacred Heart University, Chalykoff works with faculty to expand the university’s global reach with SHU’s international MBA program; The University already has campuses in Luxembourg and Ireland, and now works to grow its presence in Asia.

The dialogue between Chalykoff and YPN involved a discussion of his passions, the necessity and practice of instilling global competencies in young professionals at the college level, and how those students can maximize their foreign experiences when studying abroad. In addition, Chalykoff imparted another piece of advice to help young professionals expand their careers: “Learn technology,” he said. “There’s a huge difference in productivity between people who can use software like Excel and those who can’t.”

At the end of the lunch, however, the main takeaway for the group was to seek out opportunities, skills and relationships that broaden the potential to succeed – especially on the global scale. “The message,” Chalykoff said, “is to look for every opportunity to make yourself global.”


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