Alaska LLC Name Search For 2023

Why Conduct an Alaska LLC Name Search?

Before establishing an Alaska LLC, all businesses should conduct an Alaska Business Name Search. The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development mandates that corporations and limited liability companies register a distinctive company name.

The purpose of the naming regulations set out in the Alaska Corporations Statutes and Regulations is to avoid customer confusion caused by potentially confusingly similar names. The first step in determining whether the desired business name is available is to do an Alaska Business Name search.

In the Alaska Business Search tutorial below, we’ll explain how to determine whether an LLC name is available.

Follow Alaska Naming Guidelines

Before you finish your company name search, we advise checking sure your name complies with the rules.

The first and most crucial step in forming an LLC is selecting a company name. Make sure the name you select conforms with Alaska’s naming regulations and can be found online by potential customers.

Make careful you adhere to these naming rules: The words “limited liability company” or one of its initials (LLC or L.L.C.) must be in your name; Your LLC’s name cannot contain terms like “FBI,” “Treasury,” “State Department,” or similar expressions that may confuse your LLC with a government agency; A licensed person, such as a doctor or lawyer, may be required to be part of your limited liability company if the word “restricted” (such as “bank,” “attorney,” or “university”) is used.

Do an Alaska Business Name Search

You can verify the availability of your preferred name using Alaska’s Corporations Database prior to submitting your name reservation request. By entity name, officials, or registered agents, you may do a search. Even though it is referred to as a Corporations Database, it also contains LLCs and other commercial organizations. The best way to search is to enter the desired name, leaving off identifiers like “LLC,” and leaving all other boxes empty. All business entities with the same or similar names will be returned by this.

Before submitting your documentation, be sure to conduct a comprehensive search to prevent rejection.

Alaska corporation search name status

Looking through the list of search results to see if any expired names would match the firm is one technique to come up with ideas if a company is having trouble coming up with a solid business name.

For instance, if someone wished to create a new BBQ restaurant, they could type “BBQ” into the search field, which would then provide a list of suggestions depending on the results for company status:

Based on how they are categorized, the status description will provide business owners suggestions for possible names:

Active/Good standing

This shows that the company is legitimate in the eyes of the law and that the name is not taken.

Involuntarily dissolved

Businesses that have not submitted the necessary forms in accordance with Alaska Statutes are dissolved by the state. Their business name is public if they have been dissolved for more than two years.

It is recommended to call the Alaska branch of the Corporation for businesses that are less than two years removed from their dissolution; they can provide you more information about name availability. They may be reached at (907) 269-8160.


A new business entity may utilize a name that already exists but has a “Withdrawn” business status.

Expired name

When registering a business name for five years, businesses are granted exclusive rights to that name. The name could become accessible if a company doesn’t renew its business entity or if the owners don’t renew the business license.

Search Available Domain Names

Whether or not your preferred web domain name is available should be taken into account while choosing a business name. It’s crucial to have a URL that accurately reflects the name of your company. This apparently insignificant action can have a significant impact on how potential clients discover your company.

Use your favourite domain registration, such as GoDaddy, to do an internet search to find out if your desired URL is accessible.

Alaska Business Entity Search by name and number

Step 1

Visit this page and input the entity number in the first blank form, or the name of the company you are seeking to search up or check to see whether it is available for usage, in the second blank area.

Step 2

You can choose the entity by clicking on the six-digit number after inputting the name. You might be able to examine the corporation’s kind, name, and status with the state prior to making a choice.

Step 3

The kind, number, status, created date, duration/expiration, home state (if any), next biennial report due date, postal & physical address, registered agent information, officials, and any previously filed papers are all accessible to examine on the details page for the business entity.

Alaska Business Entity Search by Official

Step 1

Enter the first name on the third line and the last name on the second line on this website.

Step 2

View the name, title, official’s name, type, and the number of the entity. To access the owner’s card, click the entity number (#).

Alaska Business Entity Search by registered agent

Step 1

Enter the registered agent’s name on this page, with the last name on the second line and the first name on the third.

Step 2

You can order the business entities on the results page according to the name you supplied. You will be sent to the details page if you click on the entity number (#).

Reserve Your Alaska Business Entity Name

All inquiries and requests relating to LLC names are handled by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing in Alaska. In order to use a name for a business, it might be reserved for 120 days.

There is a filing fee that you must pay in order to reserve your name. If you want to receive your name soon, you should probably file your name reservation online rather than via mail.

Trademark search

One thing to keep in mind is that even if the desired company name is accessible, it can already be the subject of a registered trademark. Before choosing a company name, run a trademark search using the Trademark Electronic Search System to avoid any future hassles.

Check if the domain name is available

It may be required to think outside the box as many six-letter or domain names have already been registered. Websites like Namechk and GoDaddy may limit the list of available domain names and offer potential substitutes.

While “.com” is the most well-known domain extension, others like “.co,” “.net,” and “.io” are all becoming more popular as the internet develops and may be a suitable match once a company name has been decided upon.

Social media search

A strong social media presence is crucial in the digital era. Customers frequently look for reviews of businesses on websites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Other social media advice for Alaskan businesses includes:

For small businesses, having a strong social media presence is a great way to increase website traffic naturally, win over clients, and spread awareness.

Unfortunately, social media handles are frequently hoarded, much like domain names. Verify the handle isn’t already in use by checking websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Lock the username to prevent unauthorized usage if the handle is accessible. The administration of numerous social media networks may be made easier by software platforms like SocialPilot.

How Do I Reserve an LLC Name in Alaska

All inquiries and requests relating to LLC names are handled by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing in Alaska. In order to use a name for a business, it might be reserved for 120 days.

There is a filing fee that you must pay in order to reserve your name. If you want to receive your name soon, you should probably file your name reservation online rather than via mail. Visit Alaska’s online business services for further details.

Alaska business structure naming considerations

The various naming regulations for each organization type must be understood while choosing an Alaskan company name.

Partnerships and sole proprietorships

In order to start a business in Alaska, sole proprietorships are not required to register with the department of commerce. There is often no need to do a company name search or business entity search for sole proprietorships because they normally operate under an individual’s name.

Similar to sole proprietorships, partnerships are reasonably simple to set up and often include the last names of all partners.


LLCs are independent legal companies that let owners keep their personal and professional obligations separate. LLC names must be distinctive and must be submitted with the Secretary of State.

The terms “LLC, L.L.C., or the phrase limited liability company must appear in Alaska business names. Since “LLC” is most frequently used following a business name when submitting Alaska articles of incorporation, we advise utilizing that abbreviation.

The words Inc., Corporation, Corp., or Incorporated shouldn’t be used in an LLC name. Additionally, if an Alaska business name cannot be easily distinguished from the name of another company, the state could not accept it.


Similar to LLCs, corporations are distinct legal entities that must file reports with the Alaska Division of Corporations. Large enterprises that want to issue shares and draw investors frequently utilize corporations since they are somewhat sophisticated legal entities.

It’s important to remember that corporations must identify themselves as such by include one of the following words in their business name: “corp”, “corporation”, “Inc”, “limited”, or “company”.

Professional Corporations must identify themselves as such by using “professional corporation” and the letters “PC” in place of the standard corporate designation. S Corporations are subject to the same name regulations as ordinary corporations.

There are no limitations on the number of business licenses that can share the same name under Alaska Business License Statute 43.70. By submitting a business name registration or an Alaska business name reservation, one might get the only right to use a certain business name.


You may reduce down your list of potential company names and make sure no one else in your area is using it by conducting an Alaska business name search. Make sure your company name is distinctive and will not be connected to anything else.

It’s crucial to register your company name in Alaska, and the procedure is simple and reasonably priced.

Visit our other business name search pages to learn more about business name searches for other states.


Where do I register my business name for use?

The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development will help you register your business name (Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing).

You will have to decide whether you want to go through the registration process or merely reserve the company name for a set amount of time. You must possess a valid business license in order to register a business name.

The filing may be finished online, but there will still be a 10- to 15-day review period. In order to register your business name in Alaska, you will also need to pay a $25 non-refundable filing fee.

What do I need in order to register my business name?

You must have a current business license, a business name reservation application (if you only wish to reserve the business name), and a business name registration application on hand in order to register your business name (if you want to register the business name).

The Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development of Alaska’s website offers download links for each form. Additionally, you will have to show proof of payment for the non-refundable registration fee.

What if my business name is already in use?

You will need to select another name if your preferred company name is taken. You can face legal trouble if you try to register a business name that is already registered, according to official state information.

Keep in mind that Alaska has other name limitations that can cause your registration request to be denied. A company name that gives false information about the objectives of your corporation cannot be registered, such as those that can be easily confused with government agency. Additionally prohibited are vulgarities, profanities, and terms that violate regional laws.

Recognize that, under Alaska law, the company registering a business name has the only right to use it. A court injunction may be required to forbid the use of names that are confusingly similar to one’s own.

Additionally, the entity could file a lawsuit for damages, costing people who wanted to register a name similar to that of the business money. Therefore, conducting advance study and aiming for innovation will both work to your advantage.

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