Harvard Business Services: An Honest Review [2023]

Harvard Business Services is a provider of business formation as well as a registered agent service.

It is extremely important to be wary of the existence of such businesses, to ensure your business does not get fined or dissolved. It is also based in the state of Delaware.

Harvard Business Services has an algorithm within their system for LLC formation, which will are delivering the perfect business formation and registered agent services for your startup.

So the question is, how reliable and trustworthy is Harvard Business Services?

Harvard Business Services is responsible for over 200,000 business entities since the beginning of their service back in 1981.

Harvard Business Services Reviews : Why Choose Harvard Business Services?

Like any successful entrepreneurs, everyone has to start somewhere. Harvard Business Services Inc offers a series of features to help find the best way to form your company.

The Price & Value

Like any startups, the first and main concern is almost always usually budget.

Controlling the budget is always the more important point when a company first starts out, such as getting the right equipment and applications suited to the type of business you are running.

Harvard Business Services Inc has all of that. This also includes document templates that may be private and confidential, that can be customized to your liking.

However, do keep in mind that there is a state fee of 90$ for Delaware included in the prices.

Green package

Starting off with the green package, almost everything comes from a cloud and is electronic, hence the name ‘green’. This package starts at a decent pricing of 179$, and once the filing is completed, you are able to receive your package purchase within 5 business days.

This package is aimed towards people who have a liking towards saving into the cloud, which has accessibility at almost every point.

Harvard Business Services Inc also offers a business name registration check, else known as name availability check, to make sure that your business name does not collide with other names for copyright matters.

Harvard Business Services Inc prioritises any legal issue when it comes to anyone who wants to form a business, since they know that it may be a problem in the future, and Harvard Business Services would want to avoid that.

Harvard Business Services Inc also offers 12 months of registered agent service, where they will receive your private and confidential documents, then scan and forward them to you.

They also offer the choice to keep your anonymity, so you do not have to put your address as a public record, while ensuring that you do not miss an important delivery.

After 12 months, an additional fee of 50$ is required to renew and continue the service, which is arguably the lowest rate offered in the industry.

Harvard Business Services Inc also offer compliance notifications that help your business to keep track of annual requirements for your LLC, and any other important renewal of licenses, to ensure your business is in order and within a good standing of the state.

Basic package

The basic package is slightly more expensive than the green package by 50$, but offers a few more appreciated services.

It’s best for people who need to customize their templates and documents to their LLC or corporation formation by a registered agent.

There are also hard copies of documents given by Harvard Business Services Inc. This includes priority shipping.

Standard package

The standard package offered by Harvard Business Services Inc is more premium than the other packages, and priced at $239, which is 100$ more than the basic package.

The standard package are for people who want to form a better business bureau. It comes with a business formation kit and seal.

There is a binder with your company name, more sample documents that may be relevant when dealing with SME companies, and a custom lead-cast seal personalized for your company.

It also one-ups the professionalism level.

As for companies out of the United States, unfortunately they do not deliver outside of America, therefore they are only able to present the green package to companies outside of the states.

As for international customers, Harvard Business Services also offers an extra step for international LLC service.

The green package offers the same as the domestic version, where only digital copies of the documents are available.

However, for the other 2 packages, Harvard Business Services also includes both apostille and notary services to maintain order and uphold the certification of registration for compliance outside the US.

Benefits of Harvard Business Services

There is an abundance of services offered by Harvard Business Services. One thing where they do stand out, is the customer service provided by Harvard Business Services Reviews.

Harvard Business Services have outstanding customer support that are able to provide same-day formation with expedited service. Harvard Business Services are also very well-trained in a sense that they are friendly.

One plus point is that they are also bilingual, where they offer customer support services in both Spanish and English. Harvard Business Services also have a Spanish version of their full website.

Not only that, Harvard Business Services also offer lifetime customer support, which is arguably the most trending thing in the industry. A good CSR is always appreciated.

Harvard Business Services also has very competitive prices. Take for say, you’d want additional years of registered agent service. It costs only 50$ annually, which is the lowest flat rate available in the market.

Then it comes to how reliable and trustworthy Harvard Business Services is. It almost always comes down to that.

Customer reviews show nothing but positive reviews for this LLC Formation service and registered agent service. There are a plethora of 5 stars reviews from multiple trusted sources such as Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and even Google.

All of these sources recommended Harvard Business Services and claimed that both the service and assistance provided is excellent.

Limitations of Harvard Business Services

Like every coin, there are 2 sides to it. There are its advantages, now comes its disadvantages. Harvard Business Services are limited to the state of Delaware.

If you live out of Delaware, you might want to check out our honest InCorp review as they are known to have one of the best-registered agent services in the country along with excellent LLC formation services.

Harvard Business Services is definitely better alternative LLC formation services in the industry.

Aside from that, the basic package and standard package are not as worth it, considering that you do not get much of an upgrade, other than additional things that can be purchased outside.

Kit and seal, for example, can be purchased and customized for a much cheaper rate if you’re deciding between the Green and Standard package.

Where Harvard Business Services Stand Out

Other than the fact that it’s an LLC formation service that helps any entrepreneurs to form an LLC, they also have a 1-month refund policy with no questions asked. Meaning that, if you feel as if the service provided is not suited for your business, you are able to get a full refund.

The customer support is incredible and can be contacted any weekday between 9 am to 5 pm ET.

For a more detailed enquiry, Harvard Business Services can be contacted via many options such as by phone at 1-800-345-2677. You can also send an email to the email address at info@delawareinc.com.

They also accept Skype calls. Otherwise, the more user-friendly version of contacting them would be live chat.

From this alone, we can come to the conclusion that Harvard Business Services have the best customer support team with a professional operating procedure. Harvard Business Services also offers registered agents coming from the top tier, and they are only here to help with your startup from a very low price.

Harvard Business Services are also flexible and are able to pertain to your line of work.

Other than the usual LLC formation service, Harvard Business Services also go the extra milestone for their clients, including and not limited to; registered agent service, certificates of good standing, EIN acquisition, certified copies, apostille, mail forwarding, foreign qualifications, operation agreements, amendments, business licensing, and dissolutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Harvard Business Services available outside the US?

Unfortunately, Harvard Business Services is only available in the state of Delaware. It is unable to deliver outside of Delaware. The registered agent only offers the services in Delaware and claims to be one of the experts in Delaware business incorporation due to their specialization.

However, if you are still keen on hiring Harvard Business Services, you are able to get the Green package, where you will have online digital copies of their templates and sample documents to help kickstart your company.

Like many starters of business owners that want to form an LLC, it’s definitely not easy. That’s where Harvard Business Services comes in and helps form an LLC.

How legitimate is Harvard Business Services?

Harvard Business Services reviews from customers show a strong positive point. The customer base reviews definitely show leverage that you are getting the best and most trusted services available in the market.

Harvard Business Services also offers registered agent services with their packages so you don’t have to pay any more subsidiary fees. With that being said, due diligence on all registered agents and formation services providers should still be done beforehand.

I get that they have a name availability check, but I’d like to choose my own name. Is it necessary for me to reserve my LLC name before I form an LLC?

The only times that we recommend reserving a name in advance is if you’re not yet ready to form your business but want to ensure that the name you want will be available when you do enter the LLC formation process.

If you’re forming a business in a state like Alabama that requires an advance reservation. Otherwise, you can safely skip this step.

I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

You can find Harvard Business Services Inc right here. If you would like to check out more about their business services, you are able to see in the link as well. Their website provided is full of information and articles.

I just signed up for Harvard Business Services last week, and I found that they are not suited for me. Is there any way for me to get a refund?

It’s not too late to request a refund. They have a 30-day refund policy, where if you request for a refund within the first 30 days of your transaction, Harvard Business Services will provide a full refund with no questions asked.

It is completely understandable that Harvard Business Services are not able to adhere to every business available out there, henceforth they’ve come up with a win-win solution for everyone.

Is Harvard Business Services Inc Equipped With Customer Support System?

Yes, in fact, Harvard Business Inc is a very reputable business formation service that offers top-notch customer support. Fret not, the team of Harvard Business Inc will ensure a smooth flow of matters running during your company’s life cycle and they’re reachable on weekdays, from 9AM-5PM ET.

Does Harvard Business Services Inc Gives Out Any Discounts?

Sadly, Harvard Business Inc does not give out any form of discounts or promo codes till today after many attempts of searching for them. However, Harvard Business Services Inc offers an extensive package with very attractive pricings so it’s definitely worth going ahead with it!

Conclusion – Harvard Business Solutions

In a nutshell, if you want to form an LLC, there are many LLC formation services in the market. But this Harvard Business Services Review article shows that they are trustworthy and responsible for hundreds of thousands of companies starting up.

They have been here since 1981, and are still doing very well. They are already experts in the field after so many years, and they are still here, willing to help anyone who wants to form an LLC of their own.

Customer reviews from Harvard Business Services show very promising results as can be seen on their page.

You also do not have to hire any lawyers to come up with documents to prepare your business for the next step, since Harvard Business Services provides registered agent services for that.

Bonus: Alternatives to Harvard Business Services

a) Zen Business

Why Choose Zen Business?

Zen Business has the best value as they provide quite an amount of services along in their packages that they offered. It is encouraged for you to choose them if you want to pay a price for multiple services as they give out a fully-featured package.

Even though they started the business in 2015, they are not as inexperienced as the other competitors out there. The people in Zen Business try their best to help the customers or clients and provide good customer service.

Apart from that, while most companies would not bother to help you with the publication service, Zen Business actually offers to handle the whole thing for you, even publication service!


Zen Business provides LLC service in Texas for $39 for their Starter plan, $149 for Pro plan, and $249 for their Premium plan with an additional $300 for the Texas fee.

The differences between these plans are the number of business days needed to form your filing. It requires 6-7 business days for Starter plan, 4-5 business days for Pro plan, and 1-3 days for Premium plan.

It costs only $39 if you ask for Zen Business’ help to form your corporation and provide a year of registered agent service, alongside with corporate bylaws and assessment from one of their in-house CPAs.

There is also a $149 package by Zen Business that offers you basic services and some add-ons services, such as annual report service, compliance monitoring, a federal tax ID number (EIN), and a banking resolution.

Zen Business customer reviews

The customer reviews for Zen Business is 4.8 out of 5 from 4,382 total reviews. The customer reviews are mainly excellent and consist of 3,760 five stars. Some of the reviews from the clients of Zen Business are “Fantastic customer focus.

Everyone I interacted with was positive, helpful, and willingly shared information. Amazing experience.”, “Easy setup and quick turnaround!!!”, as well as “Found it easy to work on and got my info back within 48 hours.” etc.

b) LegalZoom

Why Choose LegalZoom?

LegalZoom was founded in 2001 and has helped 1.6 million entrepreneurs to form an LLC along the way.

This company offers their services at an affordable price with a starting price at $79 which includes the filing fee as well.

Legalzoom also provides legal advice where the clients can choose to speak with an Attorney. Thus, customers can get legal advice plans at a low monthly fee.

For instance, there are Business Advisory Plan and Legal Advantage Plus that include contracts, individual legal matters, and estate planning or employment issues.

These services alone have a huge help to the businesses as a mistake in legal matters would cause loss of fortune in an organization.


There are three types of price packages for LegalZoom which include Economy Package, Standard Package and Express Gold Package.

Although Express Gold Package is expensive, however, it offers a full set of LLC services which would make it convenient for businesses.

Customer Reviews

There are not any differences between the reviews for LegalZoom and other companies such as Incfile and Zen Business.

The majority of reviews for LegalZoom are five stars reviews which makes them somehow similar to other companies in terms of customer reviews.

Most of the clients praised them for their user-friendly website, their professionally to simplify complex business formation processes and the overall services.

They also have legal advice for customers to speak with an attorney which acts as a competitive advantage against its rivals.

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