Best Places in Connecticut to Live-Work-Play | Car-Free

Best Place to Live-Work-Play Car-FreeConnecticut is a great place to Live-Work-Play | Car-Free!  In 2017 we will recognize employers, commercial building owners, residential building owners and innovators who have implemented cutting edge programs to promote car-free living.  The Best Places to Live-Work-Play | Car-Free is an initiative of The Business Council of Fairfield County’s Stamford Transportation Roundtable.

Why you should be a Best Place to Live-Work-Play | Car-Free:

  • Showcase your efforts to promote strong sustainable commuting options that help to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollutants.
  • Attract top talent, increase employee/resident satisfaction and retention by offering transportation programs that add to overall quality of life.
  • Build upon your corporate and community well-being programs.
  • Contribute to vibrant and livable communities.


Who is eligible?
Employers, commercial office building sites, residential building sites, and transportation innovators located within the State of Connecticut are eligible to submit a nomination.

Interested in receiving recognition?
It’s simple! Just fill out the nomination form, linked below, by April 13, 2017.  Self nominations are entirely appropriate and encouraged.  Our award winners will be recognized at our first award ceremony on May 16, 2017 and featured in a best practice handbook.

Need Help?
One way to help your business achieve some of the requirements of the Connecticut Live-Work-Play | Car-Free is to take advantage of the free employer services offered by CTrides, a service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). CTrides seeks to improve commuter mobility to help sustain the growth and vitality of our economy and make the state more competitive in the employment marketplace. Best of all, they will work for you for free! Get more at or 877-CTrides (287-4337) and you’re on your way toward being recognized by Best Places in Connecticut to Live-Work-Play | Car-Free.

NOTE: We recommend downloading the application and saving to your server before you complete the form so your data is not lost. The file needs to be opened in Adobe Reader to complete.  (Click to download Adobe Reader)

If you choose to open and fill in the form from a browser, please note you will not be able to complete the form if opened in Microsoft Edge.  When the pdf form is opened in Edge you can click on the three dots in the top right and choose open with Internet Explorer and it will be fillable.  When the pdf is opened with Chrome you can fill it out and save it but the Submit button will not work.  Please attach it to an email and send to


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