Massachusetts LLC Name Search in 2023

Why is it Important to conduct a Massachusetts LLC Name Search?

In Massachusetts, determining if the intended business name is already in use is the first step in creating an LLC or corporation. A distinctive name must be used by any business organization that registers with the Massachusetts Secretary of State.

See our detailed instructions to find out how to use the state’s Business Entity Database to rapidly search for available business names via Massachusetts LLC name search.

Information about businesses and limited liability companies registered in Massachusetts is available in the Massachusetts Secretary of State Business Entity Database (MA SOS business search). There is no unified list of business names for sole proprietorships or general partnerships. Rather, they register with the town clerk’s office in the area where the company is situated.

Follow Massachusetts Naming Guidelines

Before conducting a company name search, business owners are advised to check to make sure that their registered name complies with the rules.

Before business owners decide to form an LLC, business owners are required to select a company name. Business owners are required to ensure that the name selected conforms with Massachusetts’ naming regulations. Chosen names should be simple for customers to find your business entity.

The words “limited liability company” or one of its acronyms (LLC or L.L.C.) must be present in the name of the LLC the business owner is trying to register. Moreover, there should be no restricted terms in the name of the corporation which suggests that your LLC is a government body (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc.).

Corporations may require to hire licensed individuals such as a doctor or lawyer to be part of your LLC if restricted words such as “bank,” “attorney,” or “university” are used.

Do a Massachusetts Business Name Search

You can check the availability of your selected name using Business Entity Search before submitting your name reservation request. The best way to conduct Massachusetts business name search (MA SOS business search) is to enter the desired name, leaving off identifiers like “LLC,” and leaving all other boxes empty.

All entities with the same or similar names will be returned by this. If your company name consists of many words, you may even limit your ma sos business search to the first two words to guarantee that you find every name that might be similar.

Search Available Domain Names

Whether or not your preferred web domain name is available should be taken into account while choosing a business name. It’s crucial to have a URL that accurately reflects the name of your company. This apparently insignificant action can have a significant impact on how potential clients discover your company.

Use your favourite domain registration, such as GoDaddy, to do an internet search to find out if your desired URL is accessible.

Massachusetts Corporation Search Name Status

Looking through the list of ma sos business search results or Massachusetts name database to see if any expired names would match the firm is one technique to come up with ideas if a company is having trouble coming up with a solid business name.

Whether someone wanted to build a pizza business, they could type “Pizza” into the search bar to get a list of current and expired names, and then check if any of the expired names might work.

Whether a name that has expired is of interest, it is advised to call the Massachusetts Secretary of State at 617-727-7030 to see if the name is still available.

Search by Entity Name in Massachusetts

To search the entity database by name, go to the search page and choose the checkbox next to the subheading “Search by entity name” to indicate that you want to do a name search.

Input the name you want to search for, then choose the entity type of search you want to do, and then click on Search Corporations to start the search.

Based on your query, the entity database will produce a page of search results. To access a company’s information page, click on the name of the specified company (for the sake of this lesson, we choose Hot Dog There You Are INC.).

You may discover all necessary details about the entity you choose on this page. By clicking the relevant link, you may obtain a Certificate, browse the filings, or start a new search from this page.

Search by Individual Name

As previously said, the method is nearly the same whether you search by the name of the organization itself or the name of a person connected to it (such as an officer, director, etc.). Go to the search page and select the box next to the subheading for “search by a person’s name.” To proceed, enter the person’s entire legal name in the areas given.

To complete the search, choose the entity type you want to do (see below) and search.

The website will show you a list of results depending on your query, just as if you had searched by entity name. To proceed, choose the object you want to learn more about (for the sake of this lesson, we’ve chosen Mr. Piggybank Services INC.).

As you can see, practically everything about a specific object is displayed on this page. Additionally, it provides a number of links that enable the purchase of a Certificate, a list of all filings broken down by item, and, if requested, the start of a new entity search.

Search by Identification Number or Filing Number

Last but not least, you may utilize the same search page as before to do a search by ID number or file number. After entering the number(s), just pick search corporations and click the box next to either search by identification number or search by filing number.

Due to the specificity of a single number being input in both instances, the search will not display a list of results but will instead send you to the entity’s information page right away. As previously said, from here you may examine the whole list of filings, purchase the Certificate, or launch a brand-new search.

Reserve Your Massachusetts Business Entity Name

All inquiries and requests about LLC names are handled by the Massachusetts Secretary of State Corporations Division in Massachusetts. For 60 days, company names can be reserved. Reservations can be extended for an additional 60 days for $30.

On their website, you may get business resources for Massachusetts. You must personally or postally submit an application to reserve a company name. There is a filing fee that you must pay in order to reserve your name. Make checks payable to “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” alone.

Other Concerns

While reserving the LLC name is simple, there are several additional considerations you should make when deciding on the ideal name for your company. To check if your name may be used online, you could wish to do a trademark and social media search. By doing this, you may make sure that you can use your company name without limitations.

Trademark Search

Before registering, conducting a trademark search on your company name and any related slogans or emblems will help you avoid expensive future lawsuits. If you later learn that another company has trademarked your company name, you are not immediately forbidden from using it.

To ensure you do not unintentionally violate anyone’s intellectual property rights, it is crucial to be aware of who is using the name, what business they are in, and where they are situated.

To finish this stage, you may check Massachusetts’s trademark records to discover whether another company in your state is already using your company name or any associated slogans, logos, or other items. Next, look through the computerized records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see whether there are any federally registered trademarks connected to your company name.

Social Media Search

Making sure your company name is accessible for usage on social media platforms is just as crucial—if not more so—than choosing a domain name that matches your operation. You may accomplish this by just conducting a name-only search for your company on each major website, or you can use a tool like Namecheckr to simultaneously search across all platforms.

Register Massachusetts business entity

Businesses can file their articles of incorporation with the Massachusetts Corporation Commission after deciding on a company name.

Alternatively, you may register with businesses like Northwest Registered Agent, Incfile, or ZenBusiness, which can handle the filings for as cheap as $0 plus state filing costs.

Register TAX ID/EIN with the IRS

A firm is identified for tax purposes by its nine-digit EIN number. Consider it the social security number for companies. The owner of the limited liability corporation (LLC) can easily file for an EIN online without any hassle. Swyft Filings charges $79 for Massachusetts firms to register for a Tax ID.

Logo creation

Businesses with outstanding logos impress clients, help them stand out from the competition, and help clients recall your distinctive services in a favorable way. This is similar to choosing a good business name.

Writing a business plan

Writing a business plan may assist in organizing the thoughts of business owners and provide a roadmap for companies to follow. A well-written company plan makes an excellent first impression on investors and promotes responsibility.

Companies that link together should think about using a formal operating agreement.

Open a business bank account

Businesses are obliged to have a company bank account because it helps keep personal and corporate funds separate. When a firm needs a loan to expand in the future, it also aids in establishing commercial reputation.

Businesses cannot utilize a PO box as their principal mailing address and must have a business postal address in order to create a bank account.

How Can Business Owners Reserve an LLC Name in Massachusetts?

You can submit an Application for Reservation of Name if there is a name you prefer but are not yet prepared to create the LLC name. For $30, a name can be registered to be held for up to 60 days.

Massachusetts Secretary of State Contact Info

You can call the Massachusetts Secretary of State at 617-727-9640 if you have any questions.


How do I form an LLC in Massachusetts?

Make sure the name is accessible to use by doing a business entity search prior to launching your company and creating an LLC nameBusinesses are obliged to have a company bank account because it helps keep personal and corporate funds separate. When a firm needs a loan to expand in the future, it also aids in establishing commercial reputation.

Businesses cannot utilize a PO box as their principal mailing address and must have a business postal address in order to create a business bank account. An Operating Agreement, or simply the guidelines for how the LLC functions, is a document worth thinking about even if Massachusetts does not need it, especially for multi-member LLCs.

Be careful to file for Massachusetts business licenses after creating a limited liability company, and an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is sometimes required. This serves as the company’s “social security number.” One may be obtained free of charge from the IRS.

What are the requirements for business owners to name an LLC in Massachusetts?

The LLC name must be distinct, include a special designator like Limited Liability Company, Liability Company, L.L.C., etc., and not contain terms that are prohibited, such bank or insurance, unless the business is authorized to do so.

Are registered agents required for a startup in the State of Massachusetts?

A registered agent is a person chosen to receive correspondence on behalf of your corporation, LLP, or LLC. Individuals are permitted to serve as their registered agent so long as they establish a physical address (a PO Box is not permitted) inside the same State.

Adding a layer of anonymity between the organization and the general public is one of the key advantages of choosing a third-party registered agent service provider. All papers are acquired by the registered agent company on behalf of the business, and they can be confidentially mailed to you.

Why should I file a trademark? How do I file?

Businesses that use trademarks have legal protection for their brands. As your Massachusetts company expands, rivals often appear to try to outbid you in the marketplace. A trademark makes it clear to rivals who could be investigating your niche that you mean business.

As your firm expands and your brand’s awareness rises, trademark value likewise rises. Having a strong trademark might increase your business’s value if you ever want to sell it.

Let’s say your company wants to sell a tangible item on online stores like Amazon. In such instances, having a registered trademark gives firms access to special features that assist guard against product infringement.

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