Nebraska LLC Name Search [2023]

Want to start a business in Nebraska? You must first select a name for your company that complies with the Nebraska Naming Guidelines before registering your LLC. Additionally, you must ensure that the business name you choose may be distinguished from that of other Nebraska-registered businesses.

The methods you can take to conduct a name availability search and other crucial aspects to consider when forming a limited liability corporation are covered in our article today.

Why Is Performing a Nebraska Business Search Important?

Running a Nebraska business entity search is one of the finest ways for business owners to be sure their preferred name isn’t already claimed by another organisation. Using the Nebraska business search, entrepreneurs can determine whether or not another firm has already registered their preferred business name in the state.

Before submitting your LLC formation application, conducting a Nebraska LLC name search will dramatically lower the likelihood that your application will be denied.

Nebraska Naming Guidelines

Every business owner must select a company name that complies with the naming requirements established by the state of Nebraska, as was described in the section above. The following considerations should be examined while choosing a name for your Nebraska LLC:

  • Company name must include the phrase “limited liability company” or one of its abbreviations (LLC or L.L.C.)
  • Company name cannot include words that would confuse your LLC with a government agency (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc)
  • Restricted words such as Bank, Attorney, and University may require additional paperwork and a licensed individual such as a doctor or a lawyer to be part of your LLC.

Using Comma in LLC Name

Nebraska state allows business entities to register their company name with or without a comma. For example, if you’re planning to name our Nebraska LLC “Flower Boutique”, you can file your Nebraska entity with either following names:

Flower Boutique LLC
Flower Boutique, LLC

Nebraska LLC Name Must Be Distinguishable

It’s crucial for business owners to remember that their chosen company name must stand out on the Nebraska Secretary of State’s records. This means that no other firm registered in Nebraska may share the same name as your company. Running a Nebraska LLC name search is one approach to see if the name you choose for your business is available.

Nebraska LLC Name Search

The public may access the business entity registration records that are kept by the Nebraska Secretary of State. Therefore, before incorporating your LLC, you can utilise the Nebraska Business Name Search feature to see if the name you choose is available. You can search for Nebraska Corporations and LLCs using the following criteria:

  • Name starts with
  • Name keyword search
  • Name sounds like
  • Name exact match
  • Account Number

Business Name

When conducting a Nebraska business search online, the Business Name search option is the one that is most frequently utilised. This method is also incredibly simple to use because all you have to do is put the name of the firm you want to work for into the search bar and click “Search” for the website to provide a list of names that are similar to the one you’ve entered.

When conducting a search, you don’t need to include words like LLC, Corp, or other naming distinctions because the website will extract the names for all entity types (aside from sole proprietorships and partnerships) included in its database. Simply follow the instructions below to conduct an entity name search:

  1. Enter the name of the desired company name in the search bar.
  2. Click on “Search.”

Nebraska website also offers additional filter options that allow the public to search by Active vs Inactive businesses.

Account Number

Another search method to perform the Nebraska business seach is through the account number. Just enter the business account number in the search bar and click on the “Search” button.

Nebraska Business Status Search

In Nebraska, there are daily business registrations. Therefore, it is quite natural if you find it difficult to select a fitting business name that may also set it apart from other entities. Running a search through the Nebraska Business Entity Database for ideas or looking for names that have expired that you can use for your business are both helpful solutions to this issue.

For instance, the website will produce a list of business entities with the term “flower” in it along with their status if you type the name “flower” into the search form and want to establish up a flower store.

From there, you may search through every name for a Nebraska corporate entity that is currently available. You might even find an expired name that’s ideal for your Nebraska company. Nevertheless, if you do come across a good business name, we advise you to call the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office to double-check the name’s availability before to submitting your LLC.

Trademark Search

Conducting a trademark search on the company name you want to use is another crucial step to take.

This is due to the possibility that, although being listed in the Nebraska entity database, your proposed company name may already be the subject of a trademark. Running a trademark search for your selected business name will save you money by preventing future expensive legal disputes.

On the other hand, just because another organisation has registered your chosen Nebraska company name as a trademark doesn’t mean you have to stop using it. You must consider who is using the LLC name, what business they are in, and where they are located in order to avoid unintentionally violating someone else’s intellectual property rights.

Here are a few steps involved in performing a trademark search:

  1. Utilize the Nebraska Business Entity to search state trademark records. To check if another entity in your state is already using your chosen LLC name, slogan, etc., conduct a search categorised by entity type.
  2. Make sure your preferred company name, slogan, and others are not connected to any federally registered trademarks by conducting a search of the electronic records kept by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Reserving Nebraska Entity Name

The next step is to reserve that name to stop it being taken before you register your LLC after checking its availability on the Nebraska Business Database and Trademark Database. All LLC naming inquiries and requests, including LLC name reservations, are handled by the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Corporate Division.

After that, you can send them an LLC name reservation form to have your preferred LLC name held for 120 days. Fortunately, reservations for Nebraska LLC names can be renewed.

LLC name reservations must be filed by mail.

Fee: $15

Mail to:
Secretary of State
P.O. Box 94608
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4608

Other Considerations – What To Do Next

After reserving your desired business name, you are ready to proceed with other considerations before officially registering your Nebraska LLC:

Check Domain Name Availability

Many company owners are beginning to understand how important it is for businesses to have an online presence. Because of this, more businesses are creating their own websites. In actuality, the majority of people would presume that a company would have a website.

You’ll need to utilise your creativity to come up with a memorable website name that visitors can easily search for given the diversity of businesses out there and the fact that domain names with six or less characters are frequently already taken.

Business owners can rely on companies like Namechkr or GoDaddy to check for available domain names. If the desired name is already taken, these programmes can even suggest alternatives.

It’s also important to know that, although being the most common, there are alternative domain extensions Other domain extensions,.net, are gradually gaining popularity as more businesses use these suffixes. You might also consider using these domains if your desired name has already been registered with domain extension.

Check Social Media Name Availability

In addition to having a website for their company, businesses should consider developing a social media presence for their brand. In order to find out what other customers are saying about a business entity, many customers may instantly search for it on Yelp or Google Reviews. For this reason, it’s crucial for businesses to have a robust online social media presence.

Here are a few tips to maintain a good Nebraska business social media:

  • Even if you think your business is little, you still need to set up an account and maintain a strong social media presence. By maintaining a strong social media presence, businesses can enhance their organic site traffic, attract new customers, and even increase brand awareness.
  • For a social media account to be found online, it needs a unique social media handle. To ensure that you can use your chosen handle on a variety of platforms, it is advisable that you check its availability on a number of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, before choosing one. If your preferred social media handle is still available, it could be best for you to create an account right away to prevent other people from claiming it before you.
  • You can either verify your preferred social media name on each major website one at a time, or you can use the Namechkr tool to search across all platforms at once to save time.

Register Your Nebraska Entity

Following verification of your trademark, domain, social media handle, and the Nebraska business entity database, you can move forward with registering your firm entity with the state. Although you can establish an LLC on your own, you must be prepared for the substantial amount of paperwork that may be needed. For all the documentation necessary to establish their LLC, many organisations turn to companies like ZenBusiness, Incfile, and Northwest Registered Agent.

Register Company Tax ID/EIN with the IRS

The next step is to register your company tax ID with the IRS for tax purposes after registering your business organisation. The corporate tax ID, commonly known as the EIN, is a nine-digit number that you can think of as the social security number for a corporation. EIN registration is a simple process that you may complete on your own by going online.

Designing a Company Logo

For a commercial entity, company logos are essential. A well-designed logo attracts attention, leaves a good first impression, builds your brand identification, sets you apart from the competitors, and even encourages brand loyalty.

It is obvious how crucial it is to design a memorable logo for your business entity given that it may effectively reflect your business principles and provide people the impression you want them to have of you.

Of course, not everyone will possess the imagination or artistic talent to create their own design. Fortunately, this is where websites like Fiverr come in helpful because they give business owners the chance to contact independent contractors and have a logo created within 24 hours.

Open a Business Bank Account

After creating your business organisation, the following step is to register your company tax ID with the IRS for tax purposes. You might think of the corporate tax ID, also known as the EIN, as the social security number for a corporation. It has nine digits. EIN registration is a straightforward process that you can carry out alone by going online.

Setup an Email Account

Most organisations need email accounts in order to communicate. Additionally, a working email address is necessary when opening an account on a social networking site. For this reason, it’s essential for businesses to set up a corporate email account. Fortunately, for as low as $6 per month, Google Workspace makes it simple to set up a @yourcompany email address.

Bottom Line

One of the first steps in creating an LLC is choosing a suitable company name. Once you’ve decided on a name, you may check to see if it’s already taken using Nebraska’s Business Entity Search.

You might also want to check and protect your domain name and social media usernames to make it simpler for people to find you online. Now that your company name has been registered, you are ready to proceed with the subsequent steps to properly create your LLC.

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