Northwest Registered Agent Reviews [2023]


If you are a business looking to get into the bigger sea, you will need to incorporate LLC services for your business. LLC services like Northwest allows you to form an LLC without the hassle.

But the complexities to form an LLC alone may seem like an insurmountable process and usually, it takes a lot of time, research and knowledge to do so.

This is why Registered Agents exist, handling all the behind the scene legal documents and more while you can have the peace of mind you need to continue building your LLC service up.

If you are looking to start a business or form an LLC, Northwest Registered Agent LLC offers interesting business formation services at very cheap pricing, especially if you get their formation package and/or incorporation services. But we’ll get to that information about pricing in a bit.

Since you are viewing this article, it is safe to assume that you are looking for options and today we will be giving you our full in-depth review on a registered agent service provided by Northwest Registered Agents.

First of all, though you do have to consider if you actually need a registered agent service, for this you may refer to the checklist below to see if any of it fits your criteria and if one or more does then a registered agent is something that would be very beneficial for your business.

  • You do not have a physical address
  • You plan to change your address as your business gets bigger
  • You want to keep your home address private
  • You have multiple locations in multiple states
  • You do not want to be in office all the time from Monday to Friday, 9-5
  • You want to have instant access to documents wherever you go
  • You want electronic document scans for safekeeping or backup purposes
  • You want to have reminders for state compliance requirements

With that out of the way, let’s go ahead and give you the details on Northwest Registered Agents and hopefully you will be able to start an LLC in no time.

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews: Background Information

Most LLC owners will most likely recommend you to use Northwest Registered Agents if you want to start an LLC and we won’t blame them for doing so, founded in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent started out as a no-nonsense and straight to the point company that provides LLC formations and legal services for businesses.

Northwest is a family-owned company and is a very transparent company in what they do and they will not be afraid to tell you how everything works and we commend their honesty. The reputation of Northwest is built on good wills and honesty that’s for sure.

They are most famous for their top of the line customer support, promising to never leave you with no communication and making it a mission that you should never be able to not talk to them at any time.

Customer support is an important role when it comes to any LLC services that are helping to start your business. There are terms such as operating agreement, or LLC filing state fees, or even a simple annual report.

Northwest’s customer support is able to make sure that their LLC service is at the top of the line, and that means ensuring that you, as someone who is starting a business, knows this.

What does Northwest LLC Services have to offer?

Northwest has two services that you should take note of, an LLC formation service and a Registered Agent service. You will need to consider very carefully which one you need. LLC formation services are typically for people who need assistance on the filing part of forming an LLC.

This will cost you $225 per year plus the state fee, if you only need the Registered Agent service since you can handle your own state filing fee you can hire the service for $125 per year which is a $100 price reduction. There are cheaper options out there but we will show you why Northwest is a good option.

Locally-Scanned Documents

Northwest Registered Agent has made an emphasis on being the only national registered agent service that locally scans each and every document that you will ever receive for you.

Northwest does this every time a document arrives at their local registered agents’ office, which right after they do it will be scanned directly to your account. Scanning your documents does have its benefits such as increased quality control and customer satisfaction.

We really like this feature as it means we can access our documents digitally anywhere.

Northwest Emphasis on Privacy

Privacy in our day and age is not a given, some registered agent assistance will mostly try to sell your information to third parties as a means to earn money and this is why Northwest’s emphasis on privacy is a highlight feature for us.

Northwest promises to never sell your data and share information of yours to third-party marketers so you will not get hounded by marketers from other places.

Northwest will list their business address on your public filings instead of your own address which really helps in keeping your personal info private reducing the risk of receiving spam and junk mail.

Not only that, but it also protects your company information and has its own social security number, which further adds high-quality encryption.

Free Limited Mail Forwarding

It is to be expected that Northwest Registered Agents offer to handle your state and legal mail however if you do need it, they will also help you scan your normal business mail however it is limited to up to 5 docs per year but with no costs included.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Fees

Northwest Registered Agent offers their services at flat rates with no upsells, their package plan is also one of the simplest ones we have ever seen. It is literally what you see is what you get and that means Northwest will offer you a great service at a great price with no hidden fees. With no hidden fees, when you hire them you should expect premium registered agent and LLC services.

Great Customer Service

We will have to be frank with you, Northwest hands down offer the best customer support compared to any other services out there. Their reputation is built on this fact and is usually their main selling point.

Northwest has a well-trained responsive customer support team that assists many clients with answering tough questions about forming LLCs, you will no longer be left needing to research on your own since you can just call them as they have a very responsive phone call and email answering system.

Northwest also has Corporate Guides who are LLC formation experts in the accounting or legal industry field, giving you the opportunity to ask any question about the formation process and they will answer it swiftly throughout the whole thing.

Customer Reviews of Northwestern Agent

If you can’t take it from us, take it from people who actually used their services. Here are some of the most helpful reviews by real genuine people on Northwest.

“I used Northwest Registered Agent to create a Texas two-member LLC last year. My LLC was created in 1 or 2 days, and the process of creating an LLC was so much simpler than when I had created one on my own, years earlier.

Now, months later, I continue to be surprised by and appreciate the guidance and support NWRA offers. I’m reminded of upcoming tax forms, and I can choose whether to file forms on my own or pay NWRA to file them for me.

I’ve called Northwest several times when I’ve had questions on my LLC – which state forms I need to file, how I can make a change to my LLC ownership, and more – and they’ve been knowledgeable and helpful.

Their turnaround time is quick, Northwest agents are helpful, professional, and organized, and they make the process of owning an LLC easier and less stressful. I highly recommend them!”

“As to what I hear from most reviews, Northwest Registered Agent is one of the more seamless companies to work with in regards to company formation and registered agents. Paul (the rep who helped me) is a beast. I rapidly fired so many questions at him, all of which were answered patiently with specificity and experience.

Within 30 minutes, I went from being someone who knew little to nothing about company formation, to being someone who was able to move things forward with certainty.”

Are there any other options out there?

We understand that hiring Northwest Registered Agents may not suit some business owners due to either price range or just straight up preferences.

You may want to get additional help but you do not want to pay a price of $225 per year for it, luckily there are quite a number of other companies that offer this service at a cheaper price.

We here want to provide future LLC owners with options to choose from and if you think Northwest might be for you but you still want to find out if there’s any other that can offer what you need at a cheaper price.

We will be doing a comparison between Northwest and another formidable Registered Agent service called ZenBusiness. Both can help you form your LLC but there are some differences to take into account for.

Comparison between ZenBusiness and Northwest


In this area, we can say with no doubt that Northwest has the upper hand. Northwest was founded in 1998 whereas Zenbusiness was founded in 2015. This is a 17-year gap between the two companies.

However, although both are pretty up to date with the times we can say zenbusiness is more modern orientated due to their young age so they should be more up to the times than Northwest. Even with the difference in age, both companies have shown to be a great LLC formation and Registered Agent service.

Customer Service

Zenbusiness offers standard customer support services via phone, email or live webchat. They provide timely, accurate and good customer support and their representatives are always pleasant to talk to and the response time for emails usually just take a day or less.

However, Northwest Registered Agent has something up their sleeves which blows the competition in the customer support field and that is it assigns a dedicated representative (Corporate Guide) to each client, who helps assist you with every step of you forming a business process and they provide direct contact info so you can contact them at any time.

Although Zenbusiness can’t reach this level of degree, we would say Northwest Registered Agent is in its own league and Zenbusiness’ Customer Support still remains top-notch.

Features to Offer

Both Zenbusiness and Northwest Registered Agent provide very similar features in their base Registered Agent/ LLC formation packages. Although Zenbusiness has a three-tier level that differs in the price, unlike Northwest Registered Agent who only has two package types so there is not any variation in prices.

Their feature set is pretty similar, with both providing full preparation and filing of your articles and bundled with a free registered agent resource for one year.

One thing is that if you choose beyond Zenbusiness’ base package, the number of features surpass that of Northwest Registered Agent with features such as customizable LLC operating agreements and a free accounting/tax assessment from their licensed CPAs.

So in terms of base package features, both are great options to choose from.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are both abundant for Northwest Registered Agent and Zenbusiness. Zenbusiness does have an edge in this department with more than three thousand reviews online which were overwhelmingly positive.

Customer reviews for Zenbusiness show that clients are clearly satisfied with the services they have received and usually praise their efficiency and ease of use on Zenbusiness’ platform.

Although Northwest Registered Agent is the older service here, it should be expected that they have more reviews however this is not the case. We have noticed that online reviews for Northwest Registered Agent are seemingly less than Zenbusiness.

We do think that their age has to contribute to this since they have other forms of media for reviews and such, however since Zenbusiness is the more modern company here they are expected to have more reviews online.

All in all, the reviews as we showed above and more are also mostly positive. You can’t go wrong with such a great customer service system.


It is time we tackle the big elephant in the room now, the price of each service is the main differentiating factor for us.

And it should be a decisive factor for you as well, both Northwest Registered Agent and Zenbusiness offer great quality in their services but Zenbusiness offers their LLC services and Registered Agent service at a price of only $39 whereas for Northwest Registered Agent if you bundle the LLC formation and Registered agent services together it will total up to $225.

You do have to note that Zenbusiness offers three-tier plans and since we are using their basic plan which is priced at $39, we will show you the core services they offer at that low price range.

With Zenbusiness’ basic plan you will receive one year of registered agent service, the formation of LLC, free Operating Agreement and inclusion of a Worry-Free CPA Assessment which can help you with an evaluation of your company finances and recommend a proper licensed CPA for your specific needs at no extra charge.

This service is a great way to keep track of your company’s money flow, file taxes and organisation so it really is a steal at $39.

Refund Policy

Zenbusiness is definitely a much more strict company in terms of refunds and we think that it is important that you know what you are getting into if you hire them. For Zenbusiness, you may no longer request a refund after they have submitted your business for filing with the State.

If in the event that they have not filed yet, there is a possibility of a chargeback or a $50 cancellation fee. Compare this to Northwest Registered Agent, they provide a 60 day window to request a refund and a $25 cancellation fee if you exceed that window.

So in terms of refund policy, Northwest Registered Agent is a more customer-friendly option.

Which service should I pick?

Now you may be quite confused on which service you should pick now although we do recommend reviewing your exact needs and requirements which will make it extremely easy for you to pick out the correct Registered Agent LLC formation services for you.

Both services have their pros and cons and are great in their own sense so you should not need to worry about overall quality and service as they both will ensure you a completed LLC and their Registered Agents are top of the line.

The bottom line is, Zenbusiness is a great bang for your buck, at just $39 they will provide all the basic requirements for LLC formation including a year of registered agent service.

You really can not beat it at this price point as it is an industry-leading lowest price point while still being able to impressively provide comparable amounts of quality and service to the likes of Northwest Registered Agent.

Northwest Registered Agent is for businesses who want a service with a good reputation and a known name. They will help with your LLC formation and provide the best registered agents in the field, their customer service outranks all others who try to compare with it and their local document scanning is a great service to provide.

You may find it easier to use Northwest Registered Agent due to their simple plan package or you may be more sided with the price-conscious Zenbusiness. Nevertheless, you will be guaranteed the best quality from both sides and we think you will be very happy with either option.

Final Verdict – Northwest Registered Agent Service

The Northwest Registered Agent reviews show that this company has been in the LLC formation and registered agent service game for a long time now. With their years of experience, you can expect that they have placed their experience to good use.

Ordering a business formation service from Northwest Registered Agent is very easy and the process from the beginning of the order form to the payment screen takes just a mere total of 10 minutes with no upsells being snuck in during the process which is very impressive.

At its price, you get what you pay for, an amazing customer support system along with their wide range of personalisation for their services you are provided with a lot of tools at hand which help in making the LLC formation process much easier for you so you can focus on other aspects of your company.

The great thing about registered agents is that there are plenty more options available out there to you if Northwest Registered Agent is not for you.

Like the service, we compared in this article, Zenbusiness. It offers most of what Northwest Registered Agent has to offer and at a cheaper price, it is actually one of the top services just right up there with Northwest Registered Agent which is an impressive feat in itself.

So we can say that both are great services for you to consider for your LLC formation and registered agent needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to form an LLC on my own?

Of course, it is, if you like to have things done your way and want full control of every filing and legal document this is definitely a path to go although we do have to advise caution as this process can take time as each state has its own rules and regulations regarding on how LLCs are formed and maintained which is why we recommend a service such as Zenbusiness or Northwest Registered Agent.

Services like LegalZoom have a lot of upsells. What about Northwest?

Northwest Registered Agent has literally no upsells as far as we can see, they like to keep these at a minimum as they know it’s already difficult enough for you to form a business.

Competitors such as LegalZoom, place a large amount of pressure on you to buy their much more expensive add on services and we are glad to say that is not the case with Northwest.

How fast is Northwest at processing LLC formations?

The processing time really depends on which state you are in as there are different regulations with each state. In general, we can say that they are very fast and this is usually the case. Even with cheaper services like Zenbusiness, the processing time is generally a quick process that lasts for a few days.

How reliable is Northwest actually?

Being such an old company, it is impossible for Northwest Registered Agent to have a fully clean track record although with their new 100% Error-Free Guarantee policy they will do whatever it takes to correct their mistakes and fix the situation as soon as possible.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent cost?

Typically, Northwest registered agent will amount to $125 per annum. Business owners tend to opt for this Northwest Registered Agent which is a standalone service if they’re managing their LLC formation themselves.

However, if you choose to engage with a Northwest registered agent for your limited liability company then it’d cost about $39 excluding the state’s free and you can use the services of Northwest registered agent for free the first year.

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