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Rocket Lawyer LLC Review : Introduction

Forming your own LLC is a long and tedious process, usually requiring some time spent on studying legal files for the state you are in and preparing them for state filing. Time is money and so you would like to have your startup done quickly so you can continue on to get your dream business out there with the big fishes.

If you are an aspiring up and coming owner, you do not have time to dwell with all these processes and this is why you should hire legal services like Rocket Lawyer to help you with your startup process.

LLC formation service provided by Rocket Lawyer will take the “long” and “tedious” out of LLC formation so you can focus on what is more important in setting up your business.

By forming an LLC, you are basically increasing your horizons to a level you never knew possible. With an LLC, you can open bank accounts, sign contracts, hire employees and obtain important and necessary permits and licenses for your business all under your LLC.

This means all your personal assets will not be linked with your business entities which makes them safe and sound for if the worse comes to worst and your business does not turn a profit.

Now before we go into the review of today’s review, let’s keep you up to date with some of the terms. Most companies similar to Rocket Lawyer will also offer to bundle in a Registered Agent service.

And this is something you should also be taking note of as a registered agent service is quite useful to have during LLC formations.

Rocket Lawyer will help with the handling of certified files, provide you answers for any of your questions and most importantly most states require that you have registered agent signed in the document when forming an LLC.

Rocket Lawyer is authorized to receive service of process in the event of a lawsuit and other important files on the behalf of your business.

Forming an LLC is the next big step for most businesses and we want to make sure if you are sure you want to proceed with your startup.

For this, you can verify if you really want to go on with this decision by using our great checklist to help you below. If any of them matches your criteria then you have yourself a decision made.

  • You want to keep your personal assets separate from your business entity
  • You do not have a physical address
  • You want to/have multiple locations in multiple states
  • You want to change your address once your business gets bigger
  • You want instant convenient access to your files wherever you go
  • You want to have a backup of your important documents digitally for safekeeping purposes
  • You do not want to be in your office for long hours
  • You want to be reminded of state compliance requirements

If you meet most of these criteria, then LLC formation service for your business is the right step to take and we hope you will find our review helpful in helping you decide which LLC formation service you would like to pick and in this case, Rocket Lawyer.

So let’s proceed with our 2020 Rocket Lawyer review.

Background Information – Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a company founded in 2008 and ever since their opening year, they have found a strong foothold in the legal services industry. Serving up a massive number of over 20 million customers since their opening, 20 million is a very big number of clients and many services have not reached 20 million.

Rocket Lawyer has all the tools to process a huge volume of LLC formations and other business services. It provides not only LLC formation services but will writing as well.

Rocket Lawyer has a decade long experience in the legal services industry and is proven to be one of the most popular choices for LLC formations out of very strong competition.

Definitely a top pick to form an LLC with Rocket Lawyer.

What Does Rocket Lawyer Have to Offer?

Rocket Lawyer’s LLC formation service is the service we will be focusing on in this article. Rocket Lawyer also offers other services which you can happily check out yourself.

Rocket Lawyer’s pricing system is very unique compared to similar legal services out there, Rocket Lawyer’s main model is a monthly subscription where you become a member although there is also a one time non member option if you decide to pick that instead.

With this unique pricing model, it is better if we go into detail on how it is laid out.

For the non-member option, you have to pay a price of $99, with this Rocket Lawyer will provide the essential services required for startups to form an LLC, but you will have to pay for the state filing fees and extra for  registered agent service.

If you purchased Rocket Lawyer’s subscription system which is the member package at $ 39 99 per month which includes access to all of Rocket Lawyer’s legal services including LLC formation.

There is also a New Business Bundle deal which includes incorporation services (find the Cheapest Company Incorporation Services Now), registered agent services, operating agreement and more at a steep price of $349.99 and this is the package that Rocket Lawyer recommends customers to buy.

Don’t let these pricings fool you as Rocket Lawyer is one of the cheaper options to pick. Rocket Lawyer also has a free trial plan which gives you a 7 day free trial and then a $39.99 per month payment afterwards.

So if you are not sure you can use the 7-day free trial before you fully commit to Rocket Lawyer to form an LLC. They also have document defense services so you are able to have an attorney on call with their document defense services.

Business Name Availability Checker

To form an LLC you need a name and unfortunately there are just so many names in the world so there is a slight possibility that your dream business name has already been taken.

So to save you from all the hassle wasted on trying to research if your business name has already been taken in your state, Rocket Lawyer has a built-in search feature provided for you so you can just search if your desired business name has already been taken.

Rocket Lawyer uses their name database which has all the registered names for all the states so you can determine your business name availability in a very quick and easy process that will save you loads of hours.

Extended Customer Support Hours

Rocket Lawyer offers a very excellent customer service experience and we actually consider them as an industry’s best. Rocket Lawyer gives a very informative online support center, dedicating an entire page covering topics that include but is not limited to technical supports, contracts, starting a business and memberships.

Rocket Lawyer has an easy to use site that also provides instant customer contact through online chat or if you need to talk to someone instead you can reach their representatives through calling Rocket Lawyer’s support phone line or you can also email them as well.

Rocket Lawyer also got extended hours that run for 12 hours every weekday and overall their registered agent service was really good. Rocket Lawyer has it covered for you when you form an LLC and to answer legal questions on legal services when you need it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rocket Lawyer has a great refund system and an always appreciated 100% satisfaction guarantee policy which we really appreciate any company who offers this policy.

As long as you contact them within 30 days of your purchase, with their satisfaction guarantee policy you will be able to get all expenses paid to Rocket Lawyer refunded back to you.

However if that is not possible, Rocket Lawyer will also make it their mission to resolve your issue or credit your account for other purchases.

This is a great policy as it gives new entrepreneurs a safe cushion to fall on if their business does not go too well or they just can’t afford to continue to form a LLC.

Great Online Interface

Rocket Lawyer has a very up to date modern online interfaces for your business LLC needs. Rocket Lawyer has a user interface that is very easy to utilize and you can instantly get access to many features and even complimentary guides upon login.

With Rocket Lawyer’s website system, you can quickly manage your business paperwork and other necessary legal documents in a blink of an eye.

Rocket Lawyer also provides highly detailed tutorials, guides and recommendations based on your type of business.

Their modern system also provides a digital signature service which allows you to create enforceable contracts as a document for your business which you can share, download and print at any opportune times.

Great Cybersecurity

Rocket Lawyer is definitely an online orientated service, so business owners have the right to be concerned about creating and handling legal documents on Rocket Lawyer’s site and Rocket Lawyer acknowledged this concern and provided details on how secure their website is.

You will not have to fear cyber attacks on your important files stored at Rocket Lawyer’s server as they are protected.

Internet security protocols such as SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for your data transfers which protect your private information from unauthorized access.

Rocket Lawyer has designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, make avail of and disclosure of your information.

Unlimited Access to a library of legal templates

Another great offering from Rocket Lawyer is them providing users with unlimited access to its library of templates. Rocket Lawyer has provided an archive where you can obtain certain certified documents that may cost service charges on other services.

Rocket Lawyer gives templates such as an operating agreement and banking resolution which is a very great feature to have as a business owner. Other services include a 30-minute legal consultation in any state.

Real Customer Reviews and Customer Feedback

It is always a good idea to hear multiple opinions so you can place a better judgement and have a clearer decision on which LLC formation service you would like to pick and some might answer your questions.

So here are some of the top Rocket Lawyer’s customer reviews and customer feedback given to Rocket Lawyer customer reviews online.

Crimson Of Corrigan, TX

“I will always refer everyone to Rocket lawyer. CSR is top of the line and so is their legal services and documents provided to the public. Not to mention pocket friendly. You can’t go wrong with rocket lawyer! Rocket Lawyer strive to do and be better for their customers.

Love how insightful and up to date Rocket Lawyer are on documents of every aspect. 5 stars all the way around!! Using Rocket Lawyer service was great!”

Douglas of Southampton, New York

“I am a long term Rocket Lawyer customer from New York. I do not use the service very often but I like to know it is there. When I have the need I use it, as I did just now. I would like to give Rocket Lawyer “Two Thumbs Up” for having an easy to use format and for having super helping Tech support.

And btw, Tech support answered me right away when I called. I had an issue today which cleared up as soon as the Tech support person recommended that I use a different browser. And the patience…they did not try to rush me off the line. Instead, I was guided through the remainder of my document with plenty of times for me to understand the process. So, I highly recommend Rocket Lawyer!”

These two are top Rocket Lawyer feedbacks we have found online by past clients, it is impressive that Rocket Lawyer has maintained a great customer feedback and review rating considering the amount of clients Rocket Lawyer has.

To summarise most of their reviews, most customers love Rocket Lawyer’s amazing customer support and clients found that a lot of Rocket Lawyer’s customer support have been very useful in helping them with their inquiries.

Comparison With Another LLC Formation Service

We always like to carry out a comparison between other top competitors so you can know if you are dead sure that you want to choose a service similar to Rocket Lawyer or possibly have another option to pick from.

Rocket Lawyer has a tremendous online system and provides you with more features and benefits than you can ever ask for but sometimes you may not want all those extra features or else it might be a bit too convoluted and make the process seem a bit overwhelming.

The price may also not be right for your situation and there are cheaper options out there, therefore, we will also carry out a comparison of Rocket Lawyer with another great competitor called Zenbusiness.


In terms of age and experience, Rocket Lawyer is the older and more experienced company compared to Zenbusiness. Rocket Lawyer was found in 2008 while Zenbusiness started operations in 2015 making them one of the youngest companies in the industry.

Rocket Lawyer has the coveted decade long experience and a very built track record with formation services.

Although they are a fairly new player in the industry, they have amassed great positive reviews with their clients with thousands of businesses formed under their belt already.


Zenbusiness is known for their incredibly cheap pricing plans for their services, only coming in at a very low price of $39 for their Starter package, filing fees included.

This is an industry-leading low price for LLC formations and you will not see this price tag at most other companies.

This compared to Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription or one only large payment bundle makes Zenbusiness incredibly underrated.

They include registered agent service free in their lowest tier basic $39 package while for Rocket Lawyer you will have to pay extra to include registered agent service in their LLC formation package.

So you will have to consider if you would want to go with a monthly paid subscription service, same as Rocket Lawyer or a once-only purchase with Zenbusiness.

Customer Support Feedback and Quality of Service

Customer feedback for Rocket Lawyer and Zenbusiness (check out our Zen Business reviews by customers) are generally very positively received and are not a problem for both companies. Overall, they have a very impressive positive rating with each client who has used their LLC formation services.

Both Rocket Lawyer and Zenbusiness have received over thousands of reviews on their LLC formation and other formation services so you will not find it difficult to search for reviews for both Rocket Lawyer and Zenbusiness online.

Their CSR quality is top of the line although we do have to give it to Rocket Lawyer as more reviews talk about their quality of customer assistance.

With Rocket Lawyer, you can contact them through their online chat, email and phone call and this applies the same to Zenbusiness as well and you can expect quick responses from both companies.

Turnaround Times for LLC Formation

Rocket Lawyer’s processing times are determined by how quickly your state can form your business entity. On their already convenient website, Rocket Lawyer lists the average processing times for both standard and expedited service.

This is great information provided by Rocket Lawyer as not many companies share that to their clients.

For Zenbusiness, they base their processing times on which tier package you have purchased from them.

Even though their turnaround times will also vary from state to state as well, you should expect general times of around 3 to 4 weeks for their base package which gets cut down to 1 to 2 weeks with their pro package.

At last, their shortest turnaround time is offered if you purchased their pricier premium package at times of only 3 to 5 days.

Which Service Should I Pick?

Zenbusiness offers great value for customers who just want to have a startup done and over with whereas people who pick Rocket Lawyer usually also use their other legal services as well and not just for LLC formation service hence their subscription service model.

Rocket Lawyer’s experience proves to be of great help for them as their customer support, ease of use and formation speeds are great compared to Zenbusiness although it comes at a steeper price.

Zenbusiness really does provide you with a great offer for people who want to form an LLC.

It is within the industry’s lowest price available backed up by thousands of outstanding customer feedbacks and the cherry on top is their free year of registered agent service which is usually a paid add on for other formation services, Rocket Lawyer included.

Your decision relies on quality of service and the legal services you are considering to carry out.

Final Verdict – Rocket Lawyers Reviews

Rocket Lawyer is an experienced company that promises to deliver your LLC formation and other legal services needs and we believe that Rocket Lawyer can deliver on their promise.

Rocket Lawyer has a great refund policy along with their amazing CSR boosted by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy.

Rocket Lawyer really is an all in one stop for legal services and not just only for LLC formation services although Rocket Lawyer excels in that area as well.

We think people are more likely to use Rocket Lawyer if they plan to use more legal services and need a lawyer in the future and not just to form an LLC and that might be you as well.

We hope we can help you find great LLC services.

To have an even better idea on where Rocket Lawyer stands among its competitors, you can check out our comprehensive comparison between LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Rocket Lawyer legit and worth purchasing?

Yes, Rocket Lawyer’s business formation service is very legitimate especially for small business owners because it is incredibly convenient, reliable and accessible avenue to obtain legal services.

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