Swyft Filings Reviews (2023) – Is This The Right Choice for You

New business owners looking to start an LLC, especially smaller businesses aiming to launch their business dreams know that after a bit of researching on how to start the LLC formation process know that it is a long and tedious process with a lot of complex legal documents required for processes such as state filings and etc.

If you are these people, we are glad that you found this site and article as we will be reviewing one of the Best LLC Formation Services available.

LLC services take most of the complex workloads and processes required in starting an LLC which gives you more time in handling other matters in starting your business which is very important in any industry as time is money.

In this article, we will be reviewing the LLC formation service called Swyft Filings. Swyft Filings LLC formation services may be the right option for you since it’s LLC formation service is reasonably priced.

Services like Swyft Filings make it their mission to help form an LLC as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible.

Before we go into the full review, let’s go into the specifics of why exactly you would want to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company). With an LLC, your business entity will essentially be separated from your personal assets.

This makes sure that your personal assets will not be affected, meaning that any business debts and liabilities.

An LLC also allows you to open bank accounts, sign contracts, hire employees and obtain licenses and permits all under your LLC so if you value personal privacy this is a great option to go to.

There are many LLC formation services which offer many features at a price but in this article, we will be reviewing one of the stars in the more value orientated services called Swyft Filings.

Before we proceed with the Swyft Filings reviews, please use the checklist below to make sure you are 100% certain that you want to form an LLC.

  • You want to keep your personal assets separate from your business entity
  • You do not have a physical address
  • You plan to/have multiple locations in multiple states
  • You plan to change your address once your business gets bigger
  • You want instant convenient access to your documents wherever you go
  • You want to have a backup of your important documents digitally for safekeeping purposes
  • You do not want to be in your office for long hours
  • You want to be reminded of state compliance requirements

If most of these check out, then we will proceed with our LLC business formation service review of Swyft Filings and hopefully help you in making the right decision on picking which LLC business formation service is right for you. So let’s get into this Swyft Filings review.

Swyft Filings Reviews : Background Information

Swyft Filings is a company founded in 2012 by an attorney, making them one of the younger and more recent companies that offer LLC formation services in the industry.

Swyft Filings was founded due to an experienced lawyer who saw a need to automate the business filing process, making it easier for small businesses to launch their business dreams without the need to find, hire and pay high priced and uncertain legal fees.

They are certainly a modern orientated business, making an emphasis on ease of use by utilising modern technology. To date, Swyft Filings has amassed tens of thousands of clients.

What Does Swyft Filings Have to Offer?

Swyft Filings LLC formation service is priced very competitively, they have a three-tier package system with their lowest and cheapest tier labelled Basic package at a price of $49 state filing fees included followed by their Standard package priced at $149 and their highest Premium package offered at a price of $299.

Their $49 basic package plan is one of the more competitively priced offerings for LLC service in the industry but it comes at a cost of not including any extra features outside from helping you to incorporate your business. Every LLC package includes state fees and taxes.

Verify Company Name Availability

Swyft Filings LLC services offer a company name checker in all of its packages, Swyft Filings will use their company name database to verify that your chosen business name is available in your state.

They also provide a handy feature where in the event that if your desired business name was taken, they will contact you with alternate names.

It is a welcomed feature by Swyft Filings and it helps with reducing the hassle of trying to figure out if your business name was already taken on your own.

Free Domain Name

This is another feature that Swyft Filings offer for all of their three package includes, in our modern age it is important and essential for a business of any kind to have a website of their own.

This is a great feature to have as you will receive a free domain name for one year for your company and they also provide additional information with setting up your company email and website.

It is one of the great services Swyft Filings has provided especially this free domain name. Take note this is a third party offering by Swyft Filings.

Online Access to Incorporation Documents

With their easy to use website, you will be able to use your Swyft Filings online account to access all of your important incorporation documents anywhere online whenever you like.

This is a handy feature to have for times where you need to review the documents yourself or have to show it to an official. Their site also grants you the ability to view and track all of your orders in real-time.

Free 30 Minute Business Tax Consultation

Swyft Filings partnership with a national accounting firm means you will be provided with a free 30-minute tax consultation no matter which package tier you have purchased.

This is a great free business offering once again by Swyft Filings, especially for new owners as the 30-minute consultation will be focused on reducing your business taxes and other vital information regarding your business requirements such as how your business is taxed, commonly missed deductions and much more.

Customer reviews have said how great it was to have this free consultation. This is also a third party offering to take note of.

ComplianceGuard Company Alerts

Swyft Filings site will also provide you access to their trademarked Company Alerts tool which is a handy corporate compliance tool that is designed to provide you with alerts on important due dates for state filings such as Annual Reports, Initial reports, publication requirements and other important filing deadlines that will ensure that you will never miss a required filing or annual reports deadline ever again for your business.

Lifetime Customer Support

Swyft Filings provide lifetime customer service through phone, email and even accepts inquiries with their online customer support chat service on their website.

They guarantee to provide customers with fast and friendly customer service so you do not have to fear about not having your questions answered.

Their customer support is available from 10 AM to 7 PM ET on weekdays. Many customer reviews with Swyft Filings reviews have shown positive reception to their customer service.

Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization

After Swyft Filings have carried out a thorough review of the information you have provided to them in the ordering process, Swyft Filings will create and complete all the necessary preparation and filing paperwork such as articles of organization to incorporate your business.

After the preparation of your incorporation documents, Swyft Filings will then file all the required documents with the Secretary of State to legally incorporate your business and after the approval from the Secretary of State, Swyft Filings will deliver your official Certificate of Incorporation to you.

Comparison: Swyft Filings vs Zenbusiness

Are there any other options out there? If you are wondering if there are any other comparable services out there that are as competitively priced as Swyft Filings, you’d be surprised to hear that there actually are some other options that provide more or less the same features as Swyft Filings.

It is always good to have options to pick from and we think it helps give you a better and clearer image on if you should pick Swyft Filings as your LLC service.

A great example of a competitively priced competitor to Swyft Filings is Zenbusiness. We will be providing a quick comparison between Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness below so you can see if one of them is the better option for you.


Both Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness are fairly new services in the LLC service industry, with Swyft Filings being older but only by 3 years older being founded in 2012 while Zenbusiness was founded in 2015.

Although they are both relatively young companies, both Zenbusiness and Swyft Filings have served tens of thousands of customers in the few short years they have existed which is very impressive.

Their track record is already very great with mostly positive reviews by past clients.


Pricing is a very important factor and Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness have very similar price points. With Zenbusiness’ base starter package starting at only $39 which is only $10 cheaper than Swyft Filings $49 basic package plan.

With their similarities in pricing, it is important to consider the features they offer and what value you are actually getting at such a low price. Both offer good deals but Zenbusiness has a better deal at their lowest price points in our opinion.

Registered Agent Service

Both companies Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness do provide this service. If you do not know what this service is, in America you will be required to have a designated registered agent signed in order for you to form your LLC.

Finding the top company registered agent services is very crucial for your LLC startup. As such, you don’t want to make any mistakes here.

They handle important document deliveries from the state government your business is based in and they also forward important documents and inform you of deadlines and such. They are a very useful and essential service to have.

This is where the idea of value for your money comes in, although Swyft Filings does have a Registered Agent Service you will have to pay for it as add ons at an additional fee for $149 per year.

This is a very steep price increase from your base $49 package plan and will make it a very pricey investment. Zenbusiness on the other side includes registered agent services on all three of their package plans which includes their $39 plan which is excellent.

Their free registered agent services makes Zenbusiness one of the more bang of your buck services out there. So if you do think you want a registered agent, Zenbusiness’ free service is something you should consider in your decision.

Customer Reviews and Quality of Service

Overall, Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness both have great customer feedback rating scores. With Zenbusiness gathering around more than 2000 reviews online which are mostly positive.

Swyft Filings although only 3 years older on the other hand has already received tens of thousands of reviews online while maintaining a high rating score on their services.

This is one of the best customer feedback ratings in the industry. Swyft Filings and Zenbusiness both strive to offer the best and helpful customer support possible and they can both be contacted through a phone call, email and their website customer service chat services.

You can find reviews on both companies’ services online as there are multiple sites that review their services and most have excellent customer ratings on their LLC service and helpful customer support team.

Turnaround Times for LLC Formation

Swyft Filings promises same day or next business day processing services, which does not necessarily guarantee faster turnaround times once the paperwork reaches the state but it does ensure that it will never take more than a day or so to have your documents submitted to your formation state and to form your LLC.

Swyft Filing turnaround times are based on the requirements of each state meaning the times can vary from just a couple of days all the way up to several weeks in some cases.

Zenbusiness takes a different model in which they form your LLC based on their processing time on which package tier you have purchased.

Although state requirements do still affect the turnaround times, they have a 3 to 4 week turnaround time with their starter package which is reduced to 1 to 2 weeks with their pro package plan and with their highest premium plan it will only take 3 to 5 days which is very impressive but comes at a cost.

Tough Decision on Which Service to pick?

Both Zenbusiness and Swyft Filings offer their LLC service at a very competitively low price.

You will get a lot for your value if you choose either of them and although you do not get a registered agent services included in any of your plans if you choose Swyft Filings, they still provide value in other areas as we have gone through in the article such as their ComplianceGuard Company Alerts services.

Zenbusiness is a great option if you really do need and we have to add some don’t need it, a year of free registered agent services compared to what Swyft Filings offers in this area and if you want the cheapest option for forming an LLC, Zenbusiness is as cheap as it gets.

Swyft Filings does have a better reputation and track record so it is up to you to decide which is more important for you.

Bottom Line

Swyft Filings although a relatively young company is already very well established in the LLC formation industry.

Their plans are priced at a very competitive range and it is very impressive to see that Swyft Filings offers so many features for so less although we do have to note that they are able to do this because they use third-party services which is something you should be wary of.

Their site is very modern and easy to utilise and the tools they provide are useful for anyone starting a business. They do not have a lot of upsells as well which is a big bonus so overall you will be able to have your LLC formed with Swyft Filings with no problems.

They do not offer Registered Agent services at a cheap price though so remember that you have to purchase it as add ons for their registered agent services.

Despite that, it is a great LLC service to pick and we recommend it. They are the stars of the show if you want a cheap way to get an LLC. If you want to know more about its competitors, you should check out our Company LLC Formation Service Review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Swyft Filings Offer Any Form of Discounts?

Unfortunately, there is no form of discounts or promo codes after a thorough research on the official website of Swyft Filings. However, a representative of Swyft Filings reportedly mentioned a promotion is ongoing “SAVE 15,” that will minus RM15 off your purchase, but no proper information on the availability or duration of the promotion is given. After attempting to use the said promo code, we received an email from Swyft Filings offering $15 off but only valid within the next 48 hours and purchases must be made via the provided link.

Alternatively, you’d opt for 2 equal installments of your total bill of your formation packages. So, the first payment would be billed upon placing an order whereas the rest of the payment will be billed on the date your state gives approval on your entity or 30 days after the initial purchase.

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