InCorp Review in 2023 – One of the best Registered Agent Services

Many entrepreneurs are looking to form an LLC by themselves, but they do not have enough knowledge or budget to do so. While some are looking to change their registered agent service for their companies.

In this article, we are going to introduce perhaps the best registered agent service and LLC formation service providers.

If you are looking for an organization that provides registered agent services and LLC formation services or wondering which registered agent service company is suitable for you, this article may be relevant to you.

Look no further. In this article, there will be reviews of InCorp and the benefits of using them. Customer feedback is also included in this article.

InCorp Services Inc started operating in the United States in 1998, originally to solely service the entities of a private investment bank that was involved in mergers and attainment of publicly-traded companies.

In June 2001, InCorp started providing registered agent service to the public. In 2003, InCorp started providing national registered agent services.

InCorp invests a large amount of dollars in a year to develop new technologies to facilitate their customers. InCorp has been popular nationwide as a registered agent service provider.

They are also one of the most experienced registered agent service providers. Currently, they have gained more than 250,000 clients. InCorp always strives to be the best for their customers.

In their own words: “We’ll beat registered agent service pricing advertised by other professional, commercial registered agents”.

InCorp Registered Agent Reviews – One of the Best Service Providers

Although InCorp is well-known for their registered agent service, they also provide other services such as corporation or LLC formation, business licensing service, and managed report service.

Registered Agent Services

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a person or a company specialized in the course of incorporation or organization, who are able to accept legal documents from the state office or to receive service or process when a business entity is involved in legal actions.

It is very important for an LLC to choose a good person or company to be their registered agent in states that they are conducting their business. It is important that you select a good and reliable person or company to act as your registered agent.

If you fail to select the right person or company as your registered agent, it can bring negative effects to the legal status of your company within the state and it can cost you unnecessary spendings.

InCorp mainly focuses on its registered agent service. InCorp has also received excellent customer feedback for its registered agent service.

Other than that, InCorp’s rates are considered one of the lowest among the competitors.

For this business formation service, InCorp offers $99 for a year, however, you can get a significant discount, which only costs $66.56 for each year, if you get the 5 years package. Below is a clearer breakdown of how InCorp is offering registered agent services.

Corporation or LLC Formation Services

InCorp offers low cost for forming your corporation, LLC, or any other type of business entity in all 50 states.

InCorp provides a starting rate of $99, excluding the shipping fee of $18 for any type of LLC formation offered. InCorp’s LLC filling services include preparation and filing of information for your company.

The information is important for your LLC formation because the documents are filed with your state to officially establish your company.

Other than that, InCorp also provides searches for name availability.

InCorp will search the state’s official business database to ensure your desired LLC business name has not been registered by other people yet.

This is to make sure that the business name you desired is still available.

Business Licensing Services

Licensing is very important to businesses in all industries throughout the United States.

The process of doing research and acquiring the right licenses as well as managing the ongoing renewals by yourself can be time wasting and troublesome.

InCorp now provides incorporated licensing solutions with LicenseLogix, the front runner in business licensing management.

InCorp assists all types of business entities in researching, acquiring, and maintaining clients’ licenses.

  • License Research

As the government agencies keep changing their requirements which will make it troublesome for you to identify which license is required by different types of authorities, LicenseLogix is able to determine your licensing needs affiliated with government agencies and provide the right application forms, filing instructions, list of required documents, and fees. InCorp charges $139 per jurisdiction.

  • License Compliance

With LicenseLogix online Client License Information Centre (CLiC), you can fully outsource your business license to LicenseLogix or manage it on your own with the simple software tool offered. InCorp charges an amount of $99 as a starting price per year.

  • License Filings

LicenseLogix offers to handle the filing process for you by completing all the application forms and making sure all needed documents are included. InCorp only charges an amount of $199 per license or jurisdiction.

  • License verification

LicenseLogix will verify that your ongoing business licenses are still valid. InCorp also produces detailed reports containing state-by-state or country-by-country license information. InCorp charges $35 per license or per jurisdiction.

Managed Reports Service

Keeping track of your own reports requirements and due dates can be time-consuming and troublesome. InCorp keeps track of your LLC status as well as due dates, prepare and file your report. Incorp charges an amount of $49 per year.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

EIN is a social security number for business, as well as the number that the IRS uses to identify your business. This allows your company to hire employees, open business bank accounts, and many more. InCorp offers this service at $69.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InCorp Registered Agent


  • Reasonable rates

InCorp has one of the lowest rates among all the competitors in the industry, not only for their LLC formation service and registered agent service but other services as well. InCorp also offers significant discounts for their registered agent service if you are willing to pay ahead a few years.

  • Age and Experience

InCorp has been providing services for more than 20 years and currently has more than 250,000 active clients around the globe. The amount of active clients is proof of experience in the industry.

  • Reliable Security

You can rely on them for their high-security level of protecting your data. They protect the legal data of any LLC formed through them. EntityWatch will ensure that your business is safe from identity theft.

  • Customer Service

InCorp’s customer support works long hours to provide client support anytime. If you wish to communicate in language other than English, InCorp’s bilingual representatives are available to help.


  • Mixed customer feedback

InCorp has both positive and negative reviews from the clients. Most of the negative reviews are pointing out the difficulties in cancelling their plans and business formation services that are less satisfying. This results in 3.35/5 ratings on Better Business Bureau website.

  • Additional fees

InCorps offers reasonable rates, however, they also have additional charges for their shipping. InCorp charges an amount of $18 which is necessary for the LLC formation service which costs $99, this brings to a total of $117.

  • Hidden fees

Based on the customer reviews, a lot of them were highlighting how InCorp has hidden fees and charges them without prior notices. For example, continuing to charge the customers when they had requested to stop their service with InCorp.

Customer Reviews of Incorp Services Inc

Throughout the years of business formation services, InCorp has received numerous customer reviews from platforms such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and Facebook.

The customer service provided by their customer support team has been proven to be quite impressive and Incorp definitely nails this down.

Here are the company ratings and some of the customer feedback on their efficient customer support that we have found during the time of research.

Most of which are positive with high ratings, that is.

Is InCorp Suitable for You?

InCorp can be a good choice, especially registered agent service and their llc formation service. If you are still unsure if InCorp is the right choice for you, below are some breakdowns.

Good services: InCorp is competitive when it comes to registered agent service. They strive to beat other competitors in the industry. Which makes them work hard to provide better services for their clients.

If you are looking for a company who does well and provides good services, InCorp should be the right choice for your business.

Prices: InCorp can be affordable, but if you are looking for cheaper options, there are other alternatives that might meet your budget (check out our LLC Filing Services Review).

Additional Bonus: The Alternatives to InCorp

InCorp can be a good option for you if you are looking for a company that focuses on registered agent service.

When it comes to choosing the right service agent, everyone has their own preference and requirements.

You would think that InCorp might not be suitable for your business.

Are there any other options? We have another option that might match your preference and requirements, which is Zenbusiness.


ZenBusiness started operating in 2015. They strive to provide services to make it easier for people who dream to start their own business.

The journey to start a business can be very challenging for people without prior experiences about starting a business and keep it ongoing.

ZenBusiness is here to support business owners and entrepreneurs to build a better establishment.

Zenbusiness services

Zenbusiness has three types of LLC formation plans to provide different sets of services to match your preference and needs. The plans are Starter, Pro, and Premium which have different pricing. Below is a comparison between the three plans.

Starter plan ($49 + state fee)

  • Registered agent service
  • Name availability search
  • LLC preparation and filing
  • Accounting consultation
  • Includes tracking and paying invoices, filing taxes, and more.
  • LLC operating agreement
    An operating agreement is a document that protects your personal assets from the actions of LLC, creating rules for your company to operate.
  • Online data access
    Online access to your personalized dashboard for 24/7. Allows you to keep track of your status as well as access to view and print your documents.

Pro plan (most popular, $199 + state fee)

  • Everything from starter plan +
  • Banking resolution
    It is to authorize someone to open a bank account for the business.
  • Employer ID Number (EIN)
    EIN is a 9-digit code for your business entity. It allows you to open a bank account for business, hire employees, and more. Zenbusiness will prepare and file your EIN with the IRS.
  • Faster filing speed
  • Worry-free compliance

Premium plan ($299 + state fee)

  • Everything from pro plan +
  • Rush filing speed
  • Business website
    Zenbusiness will help you set up a business website.
  • Business domain name
  • Business email account
    Zenbusiness also provides 5gb of storage space along with the email.
  • Domain name privacy
    This feature helps keep your information secure.


Incfile was founded in 2004 and based in Houston, Texas.

Due to the inexpensive attorneys as well as needless paperwork just for business registration at that time, Nicholas Siha has come out with the idea to make it easier for business formation at a competitive price.

In other words, Incfile allows small businesses to form an organization at a cheaper price. Incfile provides start-up services for people who want to start a business.

For instance, Incfile offers convenient services like registration of company, banking, business tax and other useful services for business owners. The mission of Incfile is to deliver clients with an outstanding and top-grade experience at an exceptional value.

The types of entity in which Incfile helps to form include Limited Liability Company (LLC), Small Business Corporation (S-Corporation), C-Corporation and Non-profit Corporation.

The services offered by Incfile vary according to the numerous types of entity. For instance, there would be a difference in the business tax, state filing fee as well as compliance fees for each of the entities.

Thus, it would be too confusing and a waste of time for the business owners to ensure that the business formation is done correctly.

As a result, Incfile would aid them to deal with the complex taxation and make sure the ease of use of technology in dealing with the business formation.

Northwest Registered Agent

Most LLC owners will most likely recommend you to use Northwest Registered Agents for if you want to start an LLC and we won’t blame them for doing so, founded in 1998.

Northwest Registered Agent started out as a no-nonsense and straight to the point company that provides LLC formations and legal services for businesses.

They are a family-owned company and are a very transparent company in what they do and they will not be afraid to tell you how everything works and we commend their honesty. Their reputation is built on good wills and honesty that’s for sure.

They are most famous for their top of the line customer support, promising to never leave you with no communication and making it a mission that you should never be able to not talk to them at any time.

What does Northwest have to offer?

Northwest has two services that you should take note of, an LLC formation service and a Registered Agent service. You will need to consider very carefully on which one you need.

LLC formation services are typically for people who need assistance on the filing part of forming an LLC.

This will cost you $225 per year and a state fee, if you only need the Registered Agent service since you can handle your own state filing fee you can hire the service for $125 per year which is a $100 price reduction.

There are cheaper options out there but we will show you why Northwest is a good option.

Final Verdict – Incorp Review

Incorp has been operating for more than 2 decades and they are popular for their registered agent service. They have much more experience compared to Zenbusiness which only started operating in 2015.

The other competitor that has been on the market for quite some time would be Harvard Business Services. You might want to check them out as they are one of the pioneers in the LLC service industry with great reviews.

Personally, I would prefer to have Zenbusiness as my registered agent service with my LLC formation. Zenbusiness offers the same services as Incorp but at a lower rate. Other than that, Zenbusiness does not overcharge their clients without prior notice.

ZenBusiness also received a lot of positive customer feedback for good customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best package for InCorp services for the formation of limited liability company?

InCorp services does not upright provide packages to cater limited liability companies however, Incorp services do offer a standardised formation service which runs for $99 (inclusive of state fees).

Can I get promo code or discount for InCorp?

Unfortunately, there is no discount or promo code available for Incorp services inc but Incorp services do give out volume discounts for long-term subscriptions.

Is InCorp legit and worth purchasing?

Yes, InCorp services inc is extremely legit and definitely worth purchasing. Incorp is reputable and has a longstanding history of it being established in 1998 and has an impressive network of 125,000 active clients across the States.






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