Mycompanyworks Review (2023) – Is It What You’re Looking For?

Are you an aspiring business owner who wants to start an LLC but is just too confused on which LLC formation service is right for you? Well, we are glad that you found this site and article as we can help to give you the right answer you are looking for.

The formation of LLC is a long and complicated process if you are doing it on your own and in today’s world there just isn’t that much time to waste especially when you have to have other matters to handle when you are starting a company.

This is where LLC formation services like MyCompanyWorks come in, services like this make it their mission to make starting a business as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible.

By forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company), your business entities will be separated from your personal assets. This is a great way to make sure that you will not lose your personal assets if in the unfortunate case that your business does not do as well as you like.

With an LLC, you can also open bank accounts, sign contracts, hire employees and obtain licenses and permits all under your LLC so nothing will be linked under your personal address and name which is perfect for people who do not want their personal assets being affected by their business entity.

As you can see, having an LLC is very essential for any business owner however forming one will take some knowledge in the field and LLC formation services will greatly help you during the LLC formation process.

There are many LLC formation services out there but in this article, we will be reviewing a specific one called MyCompanyWorks. But before that, you have to make sure that you are 100% certain that you want to form an LLC and for this, we will help by providing you with a checklist below to see if it meets any of your needs and criteria.

  • You want to keep your personal assets separate from your business entity
  • You do not have a physical address
  • You plan to/have multiple locations in multiple states
  • You plan to change your address once your business gets bigger
  • You want instant convenient access to your documents wherever you go
  • You want to have a backup of your important documents digitally for safekeeping purposes
  • You do not want to be in your office for long hours
  • You want to be reminded of state compliance requirements

Once reading this list, if any of these matches what you have in mind then we will proceed with our review of MyCompanyWorks and hopefully help you in making the right decision on picking which LLC formation service is right for you. So let’s get straight into our MyCompanyWorks reviews.

Mycompanyworks Review: Background Information

MyCompanyWorks is a company founded in 2001 with a simple mission of making the process of starting a business as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible.

With their decade long experience in LLC formations and incorporation processes, they have formed thousands of companies from their clients and have grown into one of America’s largest providers of such services.

They have currently provided the formation of LLC and other legal services to over sixty thousand businesses and it is still a growing number up to this day.

MyCompanyWorks have built their reputation and this is proven with their near-perfect track record alongside their excellent feedback from their customers with an astonishing nearly perfect average review rating score out of over 3,000 online reviews.

This is definitely one of the more established LLC formation service companies you can find out there.

What Does Mycompanyworks Have to Offer?

MyCompanyWorks offer legal services that help greatly in making starting a business as fast and easy as possible. This includes the standard LLC formation service and others such as incorporation.

As with most other LLC formation services, they offer a three-tier package for their services.

With each ascending package offering more features than the one below, their Basic package starts at a price of $79, their Entrepreneur package at $199 and their Complete package at $279.

Do note that these are base prices and do NOT account for the state filing fees that go along with these.

State filing fees are different for each state so do take note of that. Also, the Registered Agent Service comes as an add on for two of the lower-tier packages. This is probably one of the cheapest Registered Agent Services you can find.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

MyCompanyWorks main mission is to make sure that you have a quick and easy process with formation of your LLC so if that is not what you have received, they promise a guarantee on 100% satisfaction so that you can be sure you will get your money back or they will try everything in their power to correct the situation.

Although do take note that if you are requesting a refund, you may only get your money back within 90 days of purchase and they, unfortunately, cannot refund money charged by the government such as the filing or copy fees.

They state that they are very flexible and are willing to work with you to ensure full satisfaction.

Intuitive “Startup Wizard”

MyCompanyWorks boasts its “Startup Wizard” program which is an online interactive startup checklist that is specially personalised to your state and company type (LLC, Corporation, etc.). The startup wizard guides you step-by-step through what you have to do to properly organise your company after it’s formed.

The thing we like about this feature is that it comes bundled with all three tiers so you will not miss out if you chose the lowest priced package. You will get a lot of benefits with MyCompanyWorks startup wizard such as not needing to spend hours learning critical steps for business basics.

You will also be saving hundreds of dollars in time by having a simple checklist of things other services would charge you for. The wizard will also properly set up your new company without having to learn complex legal forms or procedures.

It is overall a very nice and convenient feature to have and not much other LLC formation services offer this kind of feature.

Great Customer Support

MyCompanyWorks provides unlimited phone and email support to all three package tiers so you will be receiving the best quality customer support on any package you purchase.

Customer reviews have shown that MyCompanyWorks customer service is top-notch, being generally very fast and friendly with an impressive response time for around 10 to 20 minutes response for emails.

If in a situation where MyCompanyWorks employees were not able to answer your phone inquiries, you can expect a voicemail to be returned within 10 to 20 minutes as well during business hours.

Name Availability Checker

You cannot start a business without a name and more importantly, you cannot start a business with a name that is already taken in your state.

That is why it is good that MyCompanyWorks offer a business name availability checker, with this checker you will not have to go through the hassle of finding out if your dream business name has already been taken as you can find out in a snap with MyCompanyworks’ built-in name availability checker.

Free Alerts and Timely Renewal Notifications

Bundled along with their intuitive web panel system, you will have a useful tool that helps you keep track of your compliance deadlines and filing requirements so that you can be sure that you will never miss another important deadline ever again.

MyCompanyWorks system will email you an alert before it is due. They will also notify you if you ordered anything that is billed or on a recurring basis.

Free Complimentary Handbooks with every order

What sets MyCompanyWorks apart from many other LLC formations, legal business services is that they try to show that they care about your business.

With every order, MyCompanyWorks will bundle in free access to their handbook that details almost everything you will need to know about starting, managing and changing or closing your company.

No other competitor is known to provide this. The handbook even details the 5 biggest mistakes each business owner should avoid, LLC and Crop differences and guidance on which state to incorporate.

This handbook could just be the piece of information you need to skyrocket your business to its full potential.

MyCompanyWorks Reviews from Real Customers

It is always good to have access to multiple opinions so you can place your judgement better and have a clearer decision on which LLC formation service you want to pick.

Here are some of the top MyCompanyWorks reviews given to MyCompanyWorks online, whether it is a personalized LLC Operating Agreement or standardized LLC Operating Agreement. (Source)

“I created a business with MyCompanyWorks three years ago and have been impressed with the services. Recently I sought to have another company formed and MyCompanyWorks went to help me in a way that they did not need to just with a simple request.

I will forever be grateful and will always refer anyone looking to start a business.”

Shawn (PA, United States)

“Excellent Service! The process was so simple that it made the whole experience of getting the company registered in the US so easy. It was done on time and at any time if it was delayed it was because of the information delayed from our side.

Yet the executives got back to collect the information and followed up till it was completed. and they moved the process forward without any delay.

I found the executives very courteous in their interaction, professional and friendly in their approach. I will surely recommend MyCompanyWorks to anyone who wishes to register their company in the US.”

Louis P.

Overall MyCompanyWorks reviews are impressively positive, with many people commenting about MyCompanyWorks for their amazing customer support.

It is quite amazing that MyCompanyWorks are able to maintain such a positive overall rating whilst maintaining thousands of customers and clients.

All in all, most entrepreneurs find MyCompanyWorks as a very great option to pick to use for their LLC formation service needs.

Comparison: MyCommpanyWorks vs ZenBusiness

Are there any other options out there? We always like to carry out a comparison between other top competitors whether they actually include the registered agent in their service, so you can know if you are dead sure that you want to choose a service like MyCompanyWorks or possibly have another option to pick from.

MyCompanyWorks has a tremendous system and provides you with more features and benefits than you can ever ask for but sometimes you may not want all those extra features or else it might be a bit too convoluted and make the process seem a bit overwhelming.

The price may also not be right for your situation and there are cheaper options out there, therefore, we will also carry out a comparison of MyCompanyWorks with another great competitor called ZenBusiness.


In terms of age, MyCompanyWorks is the older and more experienced company of the two. MyCompanyWorks was founded in 2001 whereas Zenbusiness is a more recent player in the industry being founded in 2015.

This means MyCompanyWorks has decade long experience with LLC formation, registered agent services while Zenbusiness is still building up their portfolio.

However, Zenbusiness has already started out strong with thousands of businesses formed under their belt already so there really is not much of a worry in that area.


Zenbusiness has made a name for themselves for their incredibly cheap prices for their LLC formation services, only coming in at a low price of $39 for their Starter package.

This compared to MyCompanyWorks $79 basic package seems a bit more overvalued considering the features Zenbusiness provides with their base tier package.

Features such as bundling 1 year of registered agent for free into their $39 basic package. This usually comes at an add-on cost of $99 for a year of registered agent services for MyCompanyWorks clients.

Registered agents are required as you need to have one signed in order for you to form an LLC so having it bundled at no extra cost is a very huge win for Zenbusiness.

Despite the lack of bundling registered agent services into their packages (Only their top tier package gets free registered agent service and the entrepreneur package does not have LLC registered agent as well), MyCompanyWorks provides a plethora of other useful features such as a personalised operating agreement, guides and access to their startup wizard.

Customer Reviews and Quality of Service

Customer reviews for MyCompanyWorks and Zenbusiness are generally not a problem for both companies. They have an overall very impressive great rating with each client who used them.

Both MyCompanyWorks review section and Zenbusiness review section have received over thousands of comments so you will not find it hard to search for reviews for both.

In terms of the quality of their customer service, which is a highlight for both companies, many people have a great experience with MyCompanyWorks and Zenbusiness’ customer support team.

With MyCompanyWorks customer service being contacted through phone or email, Zenbusiness offers the same but with the added web-based chat portal as well. With both, you can expect quick response times of less than 20 minutes.

Turnaround Times for LLC Formation

MyCompanyWorks turnaround times are judged and based on your actual requirements for the formation state. This means in some states it can take from 1 to 3 days while some other states will take an even longer 2 to 3 weeks or longer.

Their turnaround times are listed on their website so please refer to the MyCompanyWorks website for further information.

For Zenbusiness, they base their processing times on which tier package you have purchased from them.

Even though their turnaround times will also vary from state to state as well, you should expect a general time of around 3 to 4 weeks for their base package which gets cut down to 1 to 2 weeks with their pro package and at last their shortest turnaround time is offered if you purchased their pricier premium package at a time of only 3 to 5 days.

Our Thoughts: How To Pick the Most Fitting Service

We have listed some of the big differences and similarities out for you above between MyCompanyWorks and Zenbusiness. With these comparisons in mind, you can see in MyCompanyWorks review and Zenbusiness review (find out more on ZenBusiness), have their own pros and cons.

In terms of what you will get, Zenbusiness does offer better value with their bundled include registered agent service which is an extra paid offer for MyCompanyWorks.

So if you want to save a bit for the registered agent service, Zenbusiness is the option to go with. MyCompanyWorks also has registered agent service although you have to pay for it unless you purchase their complete package.

Both companies provide great service and quality although MyCompanyWorks does seem to be the better option in terms of quality of service due to their age and experience.

MyCompanyWorks definitely has the longer track record and their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee will keep you more at peace if anything goes wrong with your business.

Zenbusiness, on the other hand, has a strict refund policy so you have to take note of that however even though they are a relatively new company in the industry, their ever-growing positive reviews say that they are doing something right.

Both companies will help you form an LLC for your business easily.

If you’re looking for one of the pioneer companies in the LLC formation industry, you might want to find out more on Harvard Business Services. They are responsible for over 200,000 business entities since the beginning of their service back in 1981 and has a great track record.

Final Verdict- My Company Works Reviews

MyCompanyWorks is a very well established company in the LLC formation industry. If you value great customer service, client feedback and a long and prosperous track record. MyCompanyWorks will be the right company to pick for your business services.

Their website is very intuitive and provides you with a lot of tools at hand, the startup wizard is an amazing piece tool to use for new coming business owners and it greatly reduces confusion and workload for you.

MyCompanyWorks also has zero to none upsells and you will pay for what you want with no hidden fees.

Overall, you will have a wonderful time having MyCompanyWorks as your go-to LLC formation services. So it is not a bad idea to pick MyCompanyWorks if you want to form an LLC for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mycompanyworks Inc Offers Publication Services?

No, but Mycompanyworks does provide a step by step manual guide to assist you in your publication services. Bear in mind, this would differ according to the respective state requirements on your company’s formation. For instance, Nebraska and Arizona require publication to be made for limited liability companies and corporations whereas New York only made it mandatory for limited liability companies.

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